R- Reading Update

Ok, so this whole 52 books in 52 weeks thing may have so far gotten the best of me. Oh well. We live and we learn right? I am still trucking along with them though. I am trying to get at least the majority of them read before the year is up! But it is looking quite dismal I must say….

So far I have read 10 books out of the 52…
They are:
~ Into the Wild
~ Crazy Love
~ Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
~ Wild At Heart
~ A Homemade Life
~ Consumed (well part of it at least)
~ Boss of You
~ French Women Don’t Get Fat
~ The Omnivore’s Dilema
~ 101 Weird Ways to Make Money

I will be adding more soon to make up the rest of the list and we shall see how long it actually takes me to finish reading! 
What have you read in 2013? Any suggestions?

See ya!


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3 responses to “R- Reading Update

  1. Awesome! I’m doing 52 “new things” this year … and i’m pretty lame about what I’m counting (for example, I went to a Safeway in a different county to grocery shop. not as exciting as cooking a pizza on the grill … but i’m getting desperate!)

    as far as books read so far this year … i’m pretty much only reading leadership nonfiction. i feel parched from a lack of really good fiction but i’ve enjoyed, so far, the following (since January):

    1. Endurance (Ernest Shackelton’s journey)
    2. Good to Great (a classic!)
    3. Who moved my cheese? (that one’s so short, you could read it in a hours!)
    4. A Sense of Urgency (John Kotter)
    5. A Whole New Mind (Daniel Pink)
    6. To Sell is Human (Daniel Pink)

    and I’m in the process of reading …
    7. Leading with Questions (Michael Marquardt)
    8. Lean In
    9. Intrinsic Motivation at Work (Ken Thomas)

    and finally, for my next Read 2 Lead book discussion on 16 May…
    10. Mastery by Robert Greene

  2. You can do it! A lot of the books you mention are quite dense books and not books you can really just “go along for the ride.” I think you’re doing great. : )

  3. hmm….many children’s picture books and a ton of MG and YA fiction. Currently reading Self-editing for Fiction Writers.

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