S- Strawberry Jelly

Oh my goodness, thank goodness it is Friday right guys? I am so far behind on the challenge, I am sorry. I legitimately have not been home this week except to sleep. If I wasn’t at work, I was celebrating someone’s birthday or with some friends or doing this or that. I have not had a day to stop and just recuperate and refresh. Thankfully, today is that day! So you might see a bombardment of posts to catch up for the challenge today. You have been warned!

Almost two weeks ago I made some strawberry jelly. So stinking yummy! I had never made homemade jelly so this was definitely an experiment. Then earlier this week I made strawberry jelly again but with a twist from the first recipe. I am still figuring out this whole process, but this recipe is actually made in the crockpot. You can find the original recipe here. So easy and so yummy!

So the first time, I did:

2 pounds of strawberries
3 cups of sugar (4 seemed a little much to me)
1/4 cup of lemon juice
some pectin

I cooked it for about four hours in the crockpot. I stirred it a couple of times. But when I was done, I did not quite have the consistency I wanted. So, I threw it in my ninja. hehehe. Blended it a little and then we were good. It was exactly what I was hoping for!


At the beginning….


Sorry about the glare but you can see it is all bubbly and delicious at the end.




It made a really good amount. I ended up separating it up and freezing part of it so that it will last longer. I cannot eat that much jelly that quickly otherwise lol.

This week, I switched up the recipe a little. I don’t have pictures because they are essentially the same.
I was going to make peach strawberry jelly but my peaches ended up being no that great. So, instead I did this:

2 pounds of strawberries
3 cups of sugar
lemon juice (I just kind of squirted it in there, I did not measure this time)
half an apple all chopped up.

This batch was honestly better than the first. The apples added this little nuance to it that just made it fantastic! It is also a little sweeter. I did not really get the whole pectin package the first time and so this time, knowing that apples are natural sources of pectin, I went for that instead.

Oh my goodness, so stinking delicious! As more fruits come into season, I will definitely be experimenting more with making jelly. I am going to definitely need to get some more containers though. hehehe.

Have you tried making jelly? Have any favorites or suggestions?

See ya!


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2 responses to “S- Strawberry Jelly

  1. This jelly looks wonderful. Is it like refrigerator jam? I will try it!

    • Being super new to the whole jamming thing, I think it might be. I am not sure. I put it in tupperware containers and then am storing part of it in the fridge and part of it in the freezer.

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