X- X amount of hours

Days seem to not have enough hours in them lately. Or I am not getting enough sleep. We all need X amount of hours of sleep. Each one of us is different. I most definitely need more sleep than TJ does. I tend to be exhausted more often than TJ. We all need to get the sleep that our bodies need. There is no way we can function properly without it. So, part of living a whole life is getting the amount of sleep necessary to live that life! Don’t try and cram everything into one day. Spread things out and do not stress out. Get some sleep and that will help you tackle your next day so much better!

Also, prioritize…. Don’t try to accomplish everything every day. You can’t. Decide what really must get done today and do that! Save on the stress! It will help you feel better and sleep better. Live life and live it wholly.

See ya!


p.s. btw x is really hard to write for…

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