Book Review: In Defense of Food

I finished reading Wild and In Defense of Food in the same day. Two completely different books but both of them are super awesome. In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan is talking about how America has gotten away from real food and traded it for nutritionism. It talks about how we have traded whole foods for nutrients. He also shows other cultures living today who eat diets who are richer in whole foods and who are not focusing on nutrients. It is a pretty educational read, not going to lie.

Pros: He had some very convincing points. It makes you want to eat better foods and not eat the massive amount of processed foods that are just complete crap for our bodies. True, it can be kind of a dry book at times but it is a very good read and I enjoyed the book immensely. We have gotten so far away from the way we used to eat and it is showing in our physical activity and in our body shapes and healthiness. There are so many diseases that could be prevented if we just ate better. There are so many health problems that could be avoided if we just ate better, and whole foods instead of seeking out nutrients.

Cons: It got kind of dry sometimes. Thankfully, I ended up listening to it on audiobook and so it was easier to keep going with the book. There were a lot of stats sometimes and that can definitely get a little old. But sometimes it also helped to make the point.

Overall, I would recommend reading this book. It was  great! It would give anyone something to think about when it comes to your diet. It would give anyone good enough reason to switch over to whole foods instead of nutrients.

Have you read In Defense of Food? What did you think?

See ya!

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  1. I haven’t read that book, but I will add it to my list. I am gluten-free so much of time is spent avoiding processed foods, but the flip side is avoiding processed gluten-free foods.

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