Busy, Busy, Busy

So, this week and next week and even last week I have been and will continue to be super busy! REI is having their anniversary sale starting on Friday through the 27th. We have been preparing for it for a while but our event trucks which bring the products that will be on sale during the anniversary sale have been coming in. Our storage is so full! I have no idea where in the world we are going to put all the product that is coming in today, and the next couple of days. So, anyway, I am working everyday this week until Sunday. It is going to be a long week. Posts may be few but I will do my best to keep up here! 

I am currently reading The Tiger’s Wife. By the way, adding it to the 52 books list and it is definitely a must read. 

I did try a new recipe the other night. It was a breaded chicken with a creamy sauce and some mashed potatoes. It was amazingly delicious! You could also easily eat it with pasta! I was kind of in a hurry and did not take any pictures, but TJ agreed it was definitely a repeat recipe and I will be making it again hopefully sometime soon. 

I do have a funny Faelyn story about the chicken that we were going to be using for dinner the other night. I had been thawing some chicken on a plate on the counter. I had completely forgotten about it when I ran to Starbucks to participate in happy hour (half off frappucino). I honestly did not even think about the chicken until I was back home unlocking the back door to come in. I was really hoping he was oblivious and did not even notice the chicken on the counter. Nope, he most definitely noticed. He took one of two pieces of chicken I had out. He was very pleased with himself lol! Such a goofball. 

Hope your week has started out awesome!

See ya!

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