Book Review: I Brake For Yard Sales

I read I Brake For Yard Sales maybe about two weeks ago. It is written by Laura Spencer. She has been on a bunch of tv shows like Antique Roadshow and Good Morning America and whatnot. Honestly, I had never heard of her until I read the book lol. Oops. Anyway, it was really a cute little book. An easy read. I read it in a matter of less than 10 hours. I think less than 6 even. Lots of pictures and fun little tips!

Likes: I really loved some of her ideas. Loved loved loved some of her decor. Some of her finds were just amazing! She also was a great communicator. Easy to read and follow along. She did not jump all over the place, which was nice. Again, great pictures!

Dislikes: She was very focused on glam and a “clubby” feel. If you haven’t noticed, that is most definitely not the look I am going for. Glam or “clubby” does not really described my lifestyle. Lol! I wish she had shown other styles, but she lives in LA and that is more her style. 

Overall: I really enjoyed the book! She had great ideas and inspired me a little to mix and match with my own decor. I am definitely looking forward to having some fun with my own space! You should definitely check the book out! It is a fun read!

See ya!

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