Book Review: The Tiger’s Wife

So I read The Tiger’s Wife several weeks ago. Sorry I did not post about it right away. As you saw in my previous post, it  has been a busy couple of weeks. Or really a busy month and a half- two months. But anyway, The Tiger’s Wife is really outside of my norm when it comes to reading. I do not read a whole lot of fiction. I just really don’t. But every once in a while I will find a book that sparks my interest and then I find I cannot put it down! Funny how that goes, huh? This was definitely one of those books. Tea Obreht is really an extraordinary story teller. She weaved this story and had me entranced in the different aspects of it.

Likes: It was just fun. It took you out of the everyday and put you in the lives of these characters with perfect ease. It was magical in some ways. You could picture all of the moments she described in the book.

Dislikes: There wasn’t another one. Also, she would jump in between plot lines. It all came together but I would be so anxious for the next part I just wanted her to finish that moment before moving on to the next. So, I guess that isn’t really a dislikes more of a sign of a good story and story teller.

Overall: It was a really fun read. I loved reading it right before bed. It put my mind at ease and also allowed for some fun dreams on some of the nights. I recommend for a fun poolside read this summer. Or a before bed read to calm your mind before you hit the pillow.

Have you read The Tiger’s Wife?

See ya!


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