Book Review: Asylum by Jenny Miller

A coworker of mine suggested and lent me this book written by her cousin. I’m always up for trying a book. I will always be honest about what I thought about the book as well. This one I greatly enjoyed! It was honestly hard to put down! It is the story about a girl who kills her boyfriend’s father because he is crazy. She then gets locked up in an asylum because she pled insanity in the trial. It tells her experiences in there and the events leading up to it. I don’t want to share all of the twists and turns because honestly not knowing makes it that much more suspenseful. Needless to say, it is so much more than I was expecting.

Likes: It had a great plot! It was extremely intriguing and suspenseful. The characters were so believable and real. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Dislikes: The characters were so real and so believable. One of the characters was like my little sister and made it hard to read her story knowing that personality.

Overall: READ IT!! Seriously, it was a great read. I recommend it.

See ya!

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