So, news to be praying for. Yesterday, TJ and I met with a pastor up in Evergreen about a job as a youth pastor. Super exciting. It is not going to be a quick process. There is still going to be more meetings and conversations and getting to know the church body, but this is something that we are super excited about! After talking with the pastor yesterday, I think we were even more excited to about how the church is wanting to reach the students not only in their church but also in their community. They know that in order for their church to not stagnate and die off, they have to reach the young adults of their community. It was just so refreshing to see someone as excited for the youth as we are.

That being said, this is going to take some time. And honestly some prayer. We want to make sure that we are the right fit for them and they are a right fit for us. It will take commitment. They have had so many youth pastors who haven’t stuck around. We do not want to be that for them. So, anyway. If you would keep us and the church in your thoughts and prayers, that would be appreciated.

Even if we end up not being the right fit for them, we still would like to move up to Evergreen. There is a lot of good that could be done up there and there is a lot of potential for camp up there. A lot. I think that is a place we both see ourselves setting up home base for camp. So, we would really like to get up into the community and start maybe getting the ball rolling. I know I keep saying that but camp is not an easy thing to start. It is an extremely long process and it takes a lot of money and credibility.

Evergreen is stunningly beautiful by the way. When we go back up for church on Sunday, I will take some pictures and post them. They are unreal. There is a lake. And mountains. And green. GREEN! Green is hard to find here in Colorado. Super hard to find.

I’m still going on with the book reading. I know the end is nearing and I’m not even close it feels like, but I have not given up! I will get as much as I can done and then continue with the reading until it is done. Oh well.

See ya!

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