Book Review: God in the Wilderness

So, I was able to get one more book in before the end of July. I just have not had the time to write about it. Ever since moving to Colorado and especially this summer where on my days off I am tired of being at home sitting, I keep finding myself outside more and more. Hiking, climbing, Zip lining, you name it. So when I would have normally been reading or blogging or pinning, I would much rather be outside in this beautiful state, which is why my blog has been slacking lately. But I am still working on the book list, I promise!

After reading God in the Wilderness by Rabbi Jamie S. Korngold, I was struck even more by how much I want to live life outside. She has great points of how Jesus did a lot of his ministry outside, and how God appeared to Moses and others outside. Not necessarily in church or synagogue but outside in His creation, not man’s creation. Church is great and we need that time of worship and fellowship with other believers, but she really brings it home that why are we worshipping in man’s creation and not God’s? Anyway, here are the pros and cons.

Likes: This book really challenged you to meet with your Creator outside. We need to get away from life and just meet with Him face to face and it is so much easier to do it in His creation that it is in a building or amongst hundreds of other people sometimes. She had great points. The book was easy to read and connect with. It was a quick read. I loved the whole book.

Dislikes: She and I did not necessarily agree on some finer points of theology. She is a Rabbi and very orthodox in her Judaism. I’m not bashing the Jews, because they are God’s chosen people but there are just some added “books of the Bible” that I don’t agree are part of the Bible. There was a couple of other points that I can’t remember currently but that was the only dislike of the book.

I recommend reading this book. It is such a great challenge to get outside and worship God in His creation. Realize he is a God who loves you and wants you to enjoy His creation. It is definitely a book to read over and over again!

See ya!

P.S. Update on life coming soon I promise!


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2 responses to “Book Review: God in the Wilderness

  1. Sounds like a good book; I should get out more. I always enjoy it when I do. We’ll be having a picnic on the Potomac with the Schuberts tomorrow night and then seeing the monuments after dark – should be an easy/fun outdoor evening! 🙂

  2. I’ll have to check out that book. There is truly a “connectedness” to the Holy that one feels when surrounded by God’s immense creation. Loved the video/parallel at the end! I can’t wait to breathe in, taste, touch and walk in that kind of beauty. Ocean, mountains, solitary trails…

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