December 3rd, in my photo challenge brings the color red! I have to say, one of my favorite colors to wear is red. I absolutely love it. TJ can tell you, I wear my red sweater pretty frequently. lol. I wore it today, hoping to get a picture but that did not end up happening. Oh well, at least last night I thought ahead to take a picture of the massive amount of red that was all over my living room floor. The suspense is killing you, I know it is!

Our friend Alexi had a huge box of vinyl that he wasn’t using. We happened to be looking for some vinyl for various projects so this was the perfect opportunity for both of us! We did not know what colors were all there and so we unrolled it all and found tons of colors. Mostly white, but a ton of red too! Like a ton of red. TJ was super giddy to play with some vinyl.



As you can see, lots and lots of red vinyl! Should be fun!

Hope you’re enjoying this holiday season!

P.S. We are about to get a pretty good amount of snow! Pictures hopefully tomorrow!

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