Happy New Year everybody!!! Hope you all had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve! TJ and I just stayed in, had a delicious dinner and watched the Walking Dead marathon that was going on lol.  We watched the ball drop and then proceeded to fall asleep watching Modern Family. I know, super exciting! 

I love new years. It means a fresh start and I fully intend to take advantage of that in the new year. I have some things that I want to change in the new year. I have some things I want to finish in the new year. I definitely want to dedicate more time to this blog! Thanks for all of your support in 2013! I can’t wait to share 2014 with you! 

I know that December and capturing it in pictures ended up being a flop. working retail during the holidays ended up getting the best of my december again. Oh well. Such is life. We had a great Christmas with friends! The majority of us ended up being sick together so that was kind of entertaining whenever someone tried to laugh and ended up having a coughing fit instead. 

With 2014, I do have some goals in mind. Nothing too huge. But might as well share a little bit of what I have in mind.

~ pay down some if not most of our debt. No matter what, I want to work to get this debt paid down. 

~ Finish my reading list. Obviously I failed at taking care of it in 52 weeks…. but I told you I would finish it, so I’m going to finish it. 

~ knock a couple things off of my to do list around the house and just in general. super vague I know but I don’t have anything specific in mind. I just want to try some things that I have been meaning to try and not just waste time. 

All of that being said, I do have a book to knock off the list. I just finished reading Eldest by Christopher Paolini. It is the second book in the Eragon series. Definitely a good read if you like fiction. It was a fun read and I got swept away by the story. I don’t have a full review of it today but keep an eye out for other reviews coming your way!

See ya! 
Happy New Year!

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