April 1: A Song That Makes You Happy

Welcome to April! Happy April Fool’s!!!! Plus, aren’t we just glad it is April?! I mean come on. Here in Denver, that means we are closer to consistently staying warm. Lol. I am done with snow and cold lol.

This month I was going to do journaling prompts but then after reading through them, I found they are way too personal and I did not want to share some of those with the world wide web. So, instead I decided to do songs! I love music and so sharing song preferences is so much fun for me!

So, here we are.

April 1: A Song that Makes You Happy

Ho Hey by The Lumineers


If you have not listened to this song, you really must! It is pretty and it makes me think of TJ 🙂

See ya!


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One response to “April 1: A Song That Makes You Happy

  1. You’re such a hippie! 🙂

    Song is cute and I loved the video.

    Shall I try it again?? I don’t know how I’ll do on songs.

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