April 22, 23, 24 :)

So, the past several days have been interesting. I think I pulled a muscle in my core. Not really sure how that happened but needless to say it has not been a good several days. Moving and breathing was super difficult. It is on the mend now, but keeping still for several days is not something Ashley is good at! Lol! I wanna get moving and do all kinds of stuff! Doing my stocking shift this morning was super humbling. I couldn’t lift anything real heavy. So, when it came to unloading the replenishment truck I had to step aside for most of it. I felt like such a nuisance for not being able to do much. Anyway, I did finish my truck long before my shift was actually over.

The weather has been amazing so that also has not helped because I want to be doing stuff outside! I had big plans this week to get out and be active almost every day this week. That obviously did not happen if breathing was difficult. Lol! But hopefully I can get out and do a little something tomorrow. 🙂

April 22: A Song that Would be a Theme Song to a TV Show About Your Life

I’m Taking You With Me by Relient K

Love this song 🙂 This was a hard prompt to answer Lol!

April 23: A Song that Makes You Angry

Someday My Prince Will Come by Snow White

I am a hopeless romantic. I will admit it. But, I have grown up a little (not wholly but a little lol) and I don’t know, I just have come to see reality. The whole Disney princess movement drives me nuts! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Disney. But I do not want my future daughter to strive to be like a Disney princess or even come close to thinking that is reality. I want her to look up to skiers or climbers or mountain bikers. I want her to be strong and not waiting for her prince to come. Anyway, there is my mini rant lol.

April 24: A Cover Song

Someone Like You performed by Charlie Puth and Emily Luther

I love this girls voice. Maybe more than Adele. I love this cover! I found it and fell in love with it.

See ya!

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