Middle of June!

Alrighty, well clearly May was a flop for my blogging about Marriage. Cool. I was super excited about that challenge and then bombed it lol. June really has not turned out much better. I feel like these past two weeks in June have been a whirlwind. I have been super busy and trying to get little things done here and there during the times I am not working. Crazy crazy crazy! And then I just celebrated my birthday! That was way fun. Got to share it with my amazing husband who made me feel extremely special on my day and then had some wonderful friends who came over and celebrated as well! It was sweet! 

I think since I am halfway into the month of June, I am going to pass on this months challenge. I will still blog very consistently (hopefully). But we will resume the monthly challenges in July with the next photo challenge! Can’t wait to pull out my camera and shoot and share some pictures! 

I am kind of on a creative/eating well/eating healthy kick right now. After Matt moved out my front room opened up and now I have space really get started on quilting or making the couple of pieces of clothing I have been wanting to make or just some other projects I have wanted to do for the house. I have also been reading It Start With Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. It is just talking about how foods affect you and how whole foods are much better for a balance in all areas of your body. It is a really cool read and something I have really been looking in to. 

Anyway, those are my thoughts and rambles for the day!

See ya!

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