The Sickies and Other News

Oh man, so about a week and a half ago or maybe a little more, I don’t remember, I thought I had come down with some allergies. My mouth and eyes were itchy and I had a lot of boogies. I started taking some allergy meds to try and help and they seemed to help or so I thought. Then they stopped working and my congestion got worse. Turns out it is just a really bad cold. Mucinex and Nyquil are my best friends right now! It has been awhile since I have gotten this bad of a cold. Seriously, I forgot how much I hate these things! Good news, with it being a cold and not allergies (at least that is what I think) there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Colds go away, allergies do not! 

I feel terrible for TJ though because I am no fun when I am sick. He is working a ton and so the little time we have together is precious. With a sickie, that little bit of time is not nearly as enjoyable lol. I am usually passing out or blowing my nose or sitting on the couch looking like death lol. 

In other news, Matt moved out almost a month ago and I still haven’t fully restored the room to what I want it to be. The month has been such a blur. I feel like I just started June and now we are 20 days in?! Hopefully, I can get some more of the stuff moved up and around this morning before I have to go to work. We shall see about my energy levels. I currently just want to curl up in bed and not move for the rest of the night. 

What are you up to with your day? Any big plans for the weekend?

See ya!

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