Life Is Never Mundane in My House

Oh man, so our house has been turned upside down yet again. We have a different roommate moving in tomorrow! Well, I mean she has already moved the majority of her stuff in but she is still sleeping at her current place tonight. But with her comes 2 dogs and 2 cats. Lol! There will be six fury animals in my house! 

When TJ and I bought this house, we knew that we wanted two bedrooms in case we had friends who needed a place to crash or we had company. Little did we know how much God would use us to help others out in this regard. TJ and I have always talked about how we want to use what God has blessed us with, to bless others. We have seen too many people be too comfortable while their friends are struggling. We have always felt strongly about this and have never hesitated to share our blessings. It always makes for a great experience and a great way to pay it forward. 

In other exciting news, I accidentally ran over my front bike tire with my jeep. Not a pleasant experience. Took it in to our shop guys at work and ended up having to order a new rim. Like I said, never a dull moment. 

Still desperately trying to kick this cold. It is wanting to hang on for dear life. I am feeling mostly better except for in the mornings. It seems to be worse then. But if I am not better by Monday, I am going to go see a doc. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

Oh oh oh, I totally forgot! I took a spill mountain biking the other day! I know, most of the time that is not something that most people would be excited about but I am totally excited! Lol! I went and tried something slightly more technical that what I have been doing and ended up losing my balance at the last second and really scraped up my leg and my arm. Nothing worth going to the hospital for but it was something to show for trying a little harder! I was kind of proud of myself in that moment. Lol!

Anyway, dinner has arrived and my husband is finally home!

See ya! 

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