The Joys of Goals

Hey guys!

Sorry it has been a bit. After getting back from Hawaii everything in life just picked right back up again. No little lull, no easing back into things. Nope. Life did not wait for me to get back from vacation and it sure did not slow down for me to ease back into it either lol. So, that being said, I finally have a minute to check in and say hello!

After getting back from vacation in Hawaii, I realized something. We in the other 48 are so wrapped up in work work work. Now I realize that in Hawaii the cost of living is not cheap. I talked with some locals and some had to work several jobs in order to still live there. I get it. But the pace of life is still much slower than it is here. And everything besides the Walmart on Kauai shuts down before 7. Its wonderful! I just came back thinking, alright there is more to life than just working. I feel like I haven’t really implemented that mind set since I have been back except for a little bit here and there.

Like a work, I had taken way more responsibility than I needed to or that I was getting paid to take on. I was burnt out and stressed out. After Hawaii, I realized especially, that it is not all on me. I don’t have to take on those responsibilities all the time. It has made work that much more enjoyable. šŸ™‚

I also started looking at my goals that I made at the beginning of the year. I was doing great until about June and then it all went down hill. Lol! Isn’t that the way it always goes?! I am pretty sure I made it farther than I have made it before though! But I am determined to end the year strong! I am going to pick it back up and see where it goes!

How are you doing with your new years goals?

Stay tuned for pictures and stories from Hawaii!

See ya!

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