Kauai Part 1 (finally)

I am finally blogging about Hawaii! Just going through the pictures made me desperate to go back! Oh man! These are not in chronological order but just some of my highlights. The pictures really do not do it justice. Enjoy!




On one of the days we were there we did a short little day hike into one of the state parks. It was amazingly beautiful! Sprinkled a little that day but there wasn’t a day where we didn’t get sprinkled on. It created this super beautiful fog though and that made for some wonderful pictures!



While on this hike, we got to look into the valley that we would be hiking in a week later. This is the Kalalau Valley. Honestly, really majestic. The mountains there are truly amazing!


This was one of their tallest mountains. It topped out right about where Denver’s altitude starts lol!



We had way too much fun hiking this little day hike!


While we were out there, we came across this waterfall and definitely hopped in and swam and sat under the waterfall. Oh my goodness, it was freezing! I am pretty sure I was screaming as I sat under the waterfall. I don’t scream very often.


This was not on our hike, but I was not quite sure where else to put it. This is called Queen’s Bath. It was super cool! Waves came in a little bit but it was just this little cove just a couple blocks from our condo!

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