Kauai: Playing in the Water

Snorkeling! I love snorkeling so much! Seriously one of my favorite things to do ever! We saw so many cool fish! I saw a bright purple and yellow one! It ran away before I got a good picture of it though. Anyway, here is the fun we had while we were snorkeling on the northern coast of Kauai!

Just look at how clear that water is!


Little fishies! They were everywhere!


See, what did I tell ya?!


Then there were some bigger fishies!


All over the place, I’m tellin’ ya!


I am not sure which one of this is, but it is a way cool picture!


GoPros are good for taking selfless!



i love this face!



All of us! Yay for jumping!


I love how TJ got this shot! So so cool!


If you were to look through all of the pictures we took on this trip, you would see how much we loved snorkeling. The majority of our pictures were while we were snorkeling!

Loved it!

Have you ever been snorkeling? What was the coolest fish you saw?!

See ya!


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4 responses to “Kauai: Playing in the Water

  1. Sure miss those beautiful Hawaiian waters. Have only been snorkelling around Maui though. Will have to check out Kauai someday as well.

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