Not gonna lie, when we were talking to people on the island about Kalalau, the trail and the beach, everyone seemed super reverential and kind of mystical about it. I thought it was weird and just kind of the islanders being islanders. I know I know, super tourist here! But then you get out on the trail and you realize why they are that way.

This was my first backpacking trip ever. It was 11 miles in and then back out. We did it in 3 days. 11 miles in the first day and then we split the trip back over the next two days. (Much better decision there.) It is truly a remarkable trail and beach. I can understand why so many people are so in awe.

So, this was our view for the majority of the time. Rough right?!



The water was so extremely blue, especially along the coast!



We loved taking pictures! How could you not love that view?!



We came across some trees on a hill that looked so much like the brooms from Fantasia. It was hilarious!


As you can see, our walkway was not very big. Lol!


By the end of the first night, we had arrived at Kalalau Beach which is only accessible by hiking or by boat. Not many people who travel to Kauai get to see this beautiful beach! Definitely worth the torturous hike that we had just finished. I slept like a baby that night!


The funny thing about the Kalalau is that there is a group of homeless people that live there. Often times they are fully nude. I saw more naked bodies than I cared to. They live in the caves and in the valley that spreads out behind the beach, the valley I showed you earlier last week. You could live off of passion fruit forever back there. It is crazy!


On our way back, we found this amazing waterfall! It seriously went on forever and ever! Tallest waterfall I have ever seen in person!


Definitely way taller than me! 😛


Now that I have conquered what Backpacker Magazine has labeled one of the top 10 deadliest hikes in the country, I feel like I can take on most other backpacking trips that come my way! Bring it on Colorado!

See ya!


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2 responses to “Kalalau

  1. Deadliest? Wow! Looks beautiful! Love those trees-funny! I would have thought the same thing. Did you camp on the beach?

    • We camped just off of the beach because the tide comes up pretty high is what we were told. Ya, honestly pictures do no where near justice of how deadly this hike was. You really had to keep your wits about you.

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