Hey there!

I know I have not posted anything on here in quite some time.

Life has gotten messy and complicated, as life always seems to do. I have gone through transitions and up and downs over the last several months or even just really all the way back to last July. I lost a family member. I left my 9-to-5. We went from 2 dogs to 1 dog. Not to mention all the little daily surprises that life tends to throw your way.

I think, previously, I was trying to put a positive light on any and all posts and I really just was not feeling positive so I didn’t know what to write about. However, life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. There are ups and there are downs. We all go through them.

Now, I am honestly in a better place than ever. I am happier. I am getting healthier. I move more. I sometimes eat better. That is definitely still a work in progress. I love me some cheeseburgers and chocolate (not necessarily together). I am in a better place emotionally. My marriage is getting back on track. My husband has been happy to have college Ashley back again, the girl he fell in love with 8 years ago.

So, I am back to writing now that I feel better about life. I will try to not shy away when the going gets tough again but I can’t promise anything. I have new things I want to try. New recipes. New methods of weight loss. New drinks. New cupcakes (those might just happen today, teehee). New ways to make my marriage rock. New organization tips. New business ideas? All kinds of things! The possibilities are endless. I have more time and more energy and I want to use it for something productive.

If you have new things I should try out, let me know! I am all ears!

I hope you are as excited as I am about a new start with this blog. I am going to hopefully update pictures and whatnot. Follow along with my day to day goings on through instagram. I have a slight addiction there.

Thanks for reading!


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