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November 18 (belated): Hairstyles I am Loving

I am a girl who usually changes her hair pretty regularly. Although, lately I have been feeling a little uninspired. I haven’t changed or even cut my hair in over a year! How crazy is that?! I really do need to go get it cut. I just can’t quite decide what I really want to do! As you can see by my inspirations, they are kind of all over the board! If you want to see more hairstyles that I just absolutely love or want to try, check out my Hairstyles Pinterest Board.

photo credit: Andria Lindquist via blog

photo credit: the frisky.com

photo credit: boo00769 via photobucket.com

As you can see, my style ranges from long, medium, and short! I love them all! I want to give them all a shot! Wouldn’t that be fun?! Now to just convince the husband that it will look good! Lol!

What hairstyle do you want to try?!

See ya!


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Inspiration Lately

There are things that just perk up my imagination or my dreaming. They come in such wide varieties but they all make me dream a little bit in some way.
Here is what I have been framing about lately:

And just go to this link, you won’t be sorry!


What has you inspired lately?

See ya!

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Pretty Things

Lately, I have been a little frustrated with my work wardrobe. I do a lot of warehouse work and if I wear anything nice it gets gross and after a while ruined. I’m lugging cardboard boxes around and such and they are not clean after coming off of the truck. I always feel so gross when I am done with work. 

I have a tom-boy side. I love to get dirty outside. I love to play in the dirt and mud. I love mountain biking and skiing. But… I also love to look pretty. I love some girly clothes. I love flowy dresses and shirt. I love shorts or skirts. So, with my work wardrobe being gross and kind of bland at this point, I have been eyeing some really pretty things on pinterest lately. 

Maybe I can find a job where I can look this cute all the time!

Do you find yourself daydreaming about pretty things sometimes? Or is it just me?

See ya!

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Doctors Appointments, Moving, Hours Increase, etc…

I am a person who worries a lot and do not enjoy thinking about certain things. Its that time of year again where everything kind of cumulates and all piles into one big worry session. Not only is the holidays fast approaching, but our lease in this apartment is up in January and we honestly do not want to live on this side of town anymore, so that means moving. Its also that time of the year where my prescription is starting to run out and I need to have a doctor’s appointment in order to get it refilled. Let me just say, I am not a fan of finding a new doctor in a new area. It is a stressful situation. Then I’m worrying about getting loans paid down and my loans kick in in January as well and so that means I need more hours in order to make the money that I need in order to pay them off.

So, as much as I love the holiday season, I’m ready for some of these worries to be off of my plate. It is during these times that it is hardest to remember to just sit back and let God handle them. So, that is my goal today. Sit back, drink my coffee, and take some of these worries out of the way so that I can focus on other things that are more important.

On a side note, I painted my toes in kind of candy stripes. I really am not very good at doing these designs on my toes. Who would’ve guessed?! I will definitely post pictures later.

A couple days ago , as I mentioned in my previous post, was the two year anniversary of when TJ asked me to be his wife. We were not able to celebrate that night but we both had the day off yesterday and so it provided the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate. We spent most of the day just hanging out around the house. We watched some movies. We did take an adventure to Wal-Mart in search of a game or puzzle but we were not thrilled by their selection so we ended up just leaving with Mint MnMs. Can’t go wrong with that! After spending the afternoon at home, we went out for dinner to Johnny Rockets. TJ said he was more than willing to go somewhere fancier but I was craving a cheesesteak and it isn’t the place that you go that makes the date, its the person that you are with. Being at Johnny Rockets allowed for us to be our usual goofy selves without drawing too much attention lol. We then walked around the mall. I have come to realize it is about time for a new pair of Vans. My favorite ones may or may not be a little bit ratty. So far no hole in the bottom of the shoe so I think we are still ok. We then came home to watch Prometheus and Dark Shadows. Both really good movies, although Prometheus was darker than I was expecting so I walked away from it feeling a little down. Note: Do not watch it with younger kids. Some gore and just darkness.

Today, is yet another day of reading. Anna Karenina the movie comes out Next Friday and so I need to finish the book before it leaves the theatres. I still have like 900 pages in the book but I would rather read it and watch it not on opening night than not know anything going into the movie. Les Mis comes out on Christmas and that is another book I need to read before I see the movie. Oh goodness, I have a reading problem.  What books are you reading?

See ya!

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Happy November!

Happy November guys!!

I love Halloween but I have to say, Thanksgiving and the whole Christmas/New Year’s season is by far my favorite all year! It is time to start busting out the Christmas music and start the baking. You can’t tell me its too early because its just not lol. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s talk about Halloween. Unfortunately I had to work last night. No big deal, the store was just ridiculously empty. But, the upside was that I got to dress up and get a two dollar burrito bowl at Chipotle. You honestly just cannot go wrong with that. So, I put on my Rosie the Riveter costume and went to work! Yay!

So, thoughts? You like? You not like? Let me know!

As well as dressing up Halloween, I also painted my toes!
I saw this on pinterest:

And did my own version on my toes:

I am by no means a pro (as you can see on the right toe) but It was still fun to try!

Well, there you have it! Happy belated Halloween and don’t get too sick on candy!
Stay tuned for my latest cooking and decorating adventures!
See ya!


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Cold/Busy Day Mini Workout

So today I needed a mini workout that toned and strengthened and what not. This one ended up just being a mini workout that was short and yet got my heart rate up that’s for sure. Normally on days like today I would not want to work out or would just keep putting it off all day long. So, yay me for actually doing it today!

Here is the link so you can check it out for yourself!

It starts out with:
10 jumping jacks
10 Push-ups
10 squats
10 crunches

And then you just do sets of 9,8,7,etc…

Easy enough, but still gets your heart rate up! That is what I like! I am dedicated to this and even though I did not want to today, I exercised and that is what matters!

Now, its time to enjoy the snow on the ground (from the inside, currently) and wait for my amazing hubby to get home!
Try out the mini workout!

See ya!

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DIY Peel-Off Mask

I saw this face mask on pinterest and I am a sucker for face masks whether they are from the store or DIY. Love love love them! I saw this one and it seemed easy enough, it had two things that I already had on hand: an egg white and tissues. Easy sounding right? Well, it was but the thing I did not think about before starting on this endeavor was how gross raw egg white smells. Lol!

Here is the link and here is me actually doing it.


So, I did not have tissues, but toilet worked just as well.

Clean face and hair pulled away from face. (No make-up…. not my fave)


So, I put the first layer of egg white on and then the tissues, and then the last layer of egg white. Smelled so gross. Then it was time to wait for it to dry.

And then it was dry a couple of minutes later. So, time to pull it off downwards to upwards.


And we are done! The only thing I would have to add is that you wash your face afterwards because there will be egg white residue on your face and that is nasty. Otherwise, it did work. My face is smoother and the pores are tightened a little bit. It did pull out some blackheads. I would do it again. Cheap and simple and easy. Love it!

Try it out!


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