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Book Review: 40 Loaves by C.D. Baker

Alright, so I finished another what I would call a devotional. I had it going at the same time as the Checklist but just finished it later lol. This book is a great thought provoker. It provides a question at the beginning of each segment and then proceeds to talk about that question, gives mini stories, food for thought and a little prayer at the end. It really gets you in the mindset of getting out of your to-do list and focusing on whatever it is God wants you to focus on for your time together that morning or afternoon or whenever. At first I thought it was kind of cheesy, but then I really started to enjoy the book and seeing what God was putting on my heart this morning.

Pros: It is an easy read. It is thought provoking. It may have a little something for everyone. It helps get you in the mindset right away. It is a something new each day and not the same old same old.

Cons: It is a super easy read. It is only slightly challenging.

Overall, I really enjoyed adding those little tidbits to my morning devos. It was something that would help me think about things that I normally most likely would not even think to look at. It made me realize there are areas of my life I could work on and I had not even thought about them before. Kind of cool!

See ya!

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Book Review: Crazy Love

I am so far behind on my reading 52 books in 52 weeks. So, I am really going to do my best to catch up and to add the remaining books. I am still going to do my best to come as close as possible to reading all of those books.

Here is another one to check off the list and such a good read!

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Several years ago, there was all this hype about this book. I have trouble getting on those kind of bandwagons. I don’t like to just read or watch or listen to something because everyone is doing it. Everybody was saying this book was sooooooo good. It was a must read. And so on and so on. Again, I do not like getting on bandwagons. Well, maybe I should have gotten on the bandwagon. It really was a great book! I can completely understand all the hype!

Francis Chan is right on with the whole Christianity thing. He really boils it down to what the church is supposed to be doing. He really makes you feel like sometimes you are doing it all wrong but it is ok because God still loves you and has plans for you. He makes it so clear what a life dedicated to Christ is really all about. He challenges you to live like that. Loved it! I could go on and on about what I like about the book and what I learned from the book.

Dislikes: The book ended. I could’ve kept reading it for much longer than I did. Sometimes I felt like he got a little repetitive. However, sometimes that is necessary for getting ideas through our thick heads.

It was an awesome book! An Christian or even non-Christian should read to get what Christianity is really supposed to be about and not what the church has made it out to be. We have strayed so far from what we were made for and this book helps point you back in that direction. I would recommend it to anyone. I wish that people would see this side of Christianity instead of the side of Christianity that has hurt so many people in and out of the church.

Check it out!

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99 Things You Might Be Thankful For About Your Husband

Ok, so the last relationship pinterest attempt that I tried did not go over all that well. I mean it went, but it took much longer to do than I had originally intended. Well, this one is just a looooonnngggg attempt to start with so we shall see how well this goes over. Like the last attempt I did, I challenge you to do this one with me too! I’ll explain it here in a second. I see so much divorce and unhappy marriages in the world today and so that makes me ever more passionate to be a better wife and to have a Christ-centered marriage more than ever. So, here I am doing relationship attempt #2! I am loving trying the things that I pin instead of just reading the articles and saying, “oh, that’s a cute idea!” So, come along side me and show how you are thankful towards your husband as well!

So what the challenge is, is there are 99 Things that you might be thankful for your husband. Each day you pick one thing and you either email him, text him, call him, facebook him or just downright tell him face to face that you are thankful for that thing. I will start either today or tomorrow, I haven’t decided yet. I have a feeling by us showing our thankfulness in these areas, it will not only help us see the best in our husbands and take our focus off of their flaws but by building them up that will probably draw their hearts closer to ours because they realize how much we actually appreciate them. As women, at least in my experience, we tend to look for the flaws in others, men or women. We as Christians, are called to be uplifting and what better place to start than at home? So, join me in the 99 days of thankfulness!
Here is the list:

1. He works hard.
2. He has a job.
3. He’s trying hard to find a better job.
4. He’s a human jungle gym for the dog.
5. He wants the best for our family.
6. He helps with the dog at bedtime.
7. He’s passionate about our family.
8. He’s a good leader.
9. He’s not a whiner.
10. I can trust his judgment.
11. He does the right thing, even when he doesn’t want to.
12. He tries to please me.
13. He’s organized.
14. He’s inventive.
15. He loves to get his hands dirty.
16. He’s adventurous.
17. He’s dependable.
18. He takes command.
19. He can still sweet talk me.
20. He’s a saver.
21. He’s a spender.
22. He rarely buys things for himself.
23. He’s disciplined.
24. He doesn’t [chew me out].
25. He doesn’t swear that much.
26. He doesn’t swear in front of children.
27. He can fix anything.
28. He knows when to call a repairman.
29. He’s stays calm in hairy situations.
30. He volunteers to [take the dog out].
31. He can [pick up poop].
32. He’ll buy the tampons.
33. He marvels at our [little family].
34. He asks my opinion.
35. He’s committed to our marriage.
36. He’s realistic.
37. He surprises me with flowers and gifts.
38. He compliments me.
39. He’s a good guy.
40. He’s consistent.
41. He helps clear the table.
42. He thanks me at the end of most meals.
43. He has simple tastes.
44. I’m still attracted to him.
45. He has a sweet smile.
46. He doesn’t make excuses.
47. He knows me.
48. He chose me.
49. He’s a great bug killer!
50. He’ll help with laundry.
51. He touches me in all the right ways, and in all the right places.
52. He still wants to be physical with me.
53. He loves me as I grow older.
54. He wants to be a good man.
55. He values my job as a wife.
56. He is encouraging.
57. He [listens to me].
58. He’s silly for [me].
59. His eyes don’t stray.
60. He doesn’t step out on me.
61. He doesn’t drink.
62. He doesn’t do drugs.
63. He gets what’s important in life.
64. He would do anything to keep me smiling.
65. He would lay down his life for us.
66. His arms are protective.
67. He keeps our cars picked up.
68. He pursues a relationship with God.
69. Things seem to roll off his back.
70. He tries to put up with my PMS.
71. He’d rather be with me than anywhere else.
72. He’s a trusted friend.
73. He’d give a stranger the shirt off his back.
74. He’s honest.
75. He’s not a showoff.
76. He’s not scatter-brained.
77. He’s always prepared.
78. He’s a great provider.
79. I know we’ll never go hungry.
80. He’s creative.
81. He calls if he’s running late.
82. He’s always on time.
83. He’s happy to [take the lead].
84. He makes me laugh.
85. He has a good heart.
86. He is honorable.
87. He takes out the garbage.
88. He finds the fun in life.
89. When he makes decisions he considers the needs of our family first.
90. He’s irresistible.
91. He’s kind.
92. He is willing to watch romantic movies with me.
93. He cracks up at [Youtube Videos].
94. He’s respected at work.
95. He’s a good employee.
96. He’s a good follower.
97. He’s a man of his word.
98. He desires to be the best husband he can be.
99. He’s a good companion

This list is taken from here and is not my property by any means. I made some adjustments because we don’t have kids and so I made some indications with brackets. Take a look at the original list if you do have kids or make adjustments of your own as well! Each husband is unique and we can be thankful for their uniqueness too!
Let’s do this!

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The Results Are In

Ok, so last month (in the middle of Sept.) I wrote a post about praying for your husband. I personally thought it was awesome! I was super excited about the list and taking the next ten days to pray for him. Well ten days turned into about three weeks. That goes to show you just how sporadic my devos can be. Life just really gets in the way sometimes and by the end of the day when I would be on the edge of sleep I would finally realize that dangit, I didn’t do my devos today! So, not making excuses but explaining what happened.

The list itself was great! I really did enjoy having something specific to pray for my husband each day! It really brought it home. I did my last one today which was “I pray that I will show my husband respect, grace, and kindness.” The Devil really has a sense of humor. I really should have done my devos earlier this morning. Instead I waited a couple hours after we woke up until TJ went off to work to do my devos. In the span of those couple of hours I managed to get stressed out about a couple things and go on a cleaning frenzy and then frustrated with life in general I lashed out at TJ and gave him a nice chewing out. Now, does that sound like grace, respect, and kindness? Not so much… That lashing out was right before he left, and then I did my devos and felt so terrible. I am telling you, Satan really knows when best to attack. I feel like I am a personal tool of Satan’s during this time of the month and I needed those devos especially praying for my husband like that this morning.

So, for all you ladies out there, take this list to heart, especially this last one. Showing your husband grace, respect, and kindness will make him the man and the leader that you need him to be. Build him up, don’t tear him down. I know I would rather be built up as opposed to torn down everyday. If I am not cherished and loved and respected by my husband I know I will feel like a total failure at life. Don’t you think that husbands feel the same way when their wives treat them without grace, respect, and kindness? Just a little food for thought.


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Book Review: Wild At Heart

I just finished reading my third book of this challenge! Yay! I may have actually cheated a little bit but I never said you could not listen to the book on CD when I came up with the challenge. So, I guess I should really say I just finished listening to Wild At Heart on CD. Better? Anyway, here are my thoughts on this awesome book.

I loved all of the biblical illustrations that John Eldredge pulled in when talking about the different aspects of what a true man is supposed to look like. I know I know, this book is definitely more aimed towards men, but I think it is good to read it as well so that we as women can encourage our men to be the strong warriors that we often need them to be in our lives. After listening and while I was listening to this book, I could not help but think about the kind of men that I have encountered not just in the church but most of the time in general. I’ll go on a little rabbit trail there in my overall section. I just liked how he showed how God intended for men and women to be and how society and even the church today has made them not live out that intended purpose.

He got a little touchy feely for my taste sometimes. It happens. Its just a personal writing preference depending on the book genre. I was not expecting touchy feely and so was taken back when there was some of that in there. Other than that, I really liked the book!

It was a really good book. It made me super glad that TJ had read it and that he is the strong warrior like man that I do need him to be. I remember looking around at the young men around me in college and being like I want a man who is going to fight for me and who is going to give me adventure, not one is going to fight to get me and then forget that I need to be pursued and leave me to tend to the home. TJ knows he needs to fight for me, my soul all the time. It is not that I purposely withhold it, its just an innate human desire to feel wanted. God created woman for man. Man needs woman and woman needs man. I think if couples would just realize that pursuing does not stop in dating, then maybe marriages would last a whole lot longer. But men pursue until marriage, then women sometimes try to domesticate their man. The gender roles get switched in and out of the church. We women (I can be guilty of this) try to be in charge, when we are supposed to support our husbands who are the ones who are supposed to be in charge. Society has tried to conform men to be nice, safe, guys. I don’t know about you but I want a hubby who is willing to take risks to be who God wants him to be. I am so grateful that I got TJ and that he is not shy about who he is and what God has called him to be.
If you have read this book, what are your thoughts? If you have not read this book, I highly recommend it whether you are a man or a woman.


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Book Review: Into the Wild

Ok, well I have finished book number two! This book definitely had a completely different topic and feel than the previous book.
Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer documents the store of Chris McCandless who after graduating college set out to live life on the road, ultimately ending his trip in the bush of Alaska just outside of Denali National Park. He expected to make it out alive and eventually come back to civilization at the end of the summer but died before he was able to get out. It is a really unfortunate store but reading about his two year adventure before his passing was really quite fascinating. I am definitely prone to wanderlust and so reading this book, there were parts I could definitely identify with such as just wanting to travel all over the place and not worrying about how you were going to get there. There were other parts I did not really identify with such as completely rejecting the modern comforts that we enjoy and make life a little easier.

The story was fascinating. Not only did the author show you the story of this young man but he also threw in some of his own harrowing experiences in the Alaskan tundra. I loved reading about the adventures and the people both of these men met. I loved reading about the experiences that these young men had and how they dealt with dangerous circumstances. They gave up what would seem as successful paths in life in order to pursue their dreams and adventures. Unfortunately for Chris, his adventure ended in horrible tragedy and his death. I enjoy reading about people who go against the norm of what success is in the eyes of the world. Granted, he may not have been doing it for the right reasons, but he did pursue his wacky idea of a dream.

There were parts where it definitely dragged on a little. That happens with every book though. While the young man pursued his dreams and wanderlust, he was dumb sometimes. He went into the Alaskan tundra severely unprepared. He also did not listen to advice from people along the way. Advice that could have saved his life.

I really enjoyed the book. It has given me something to think about. It is not just a light a read, it is a read that sticks with you long after you are done reading it. This was a guy who lived life with reckless abandon. I want to look back on my life and say that when I am done, but rather live life with reckless abandon for Christ and His ministry. I think that even though the guy died in his pursuit of a more adventurous life, we can follow his leading to some extent by not listening to the norms of society and pursuing the lifestyle that Christ has for us. Whether that leads us into the woods, or into the city, or into the jungles of South America, or even to poverty stricken areas of the world, we must pursue that life with reckless abandon for the sake of the Gospel.

Ok, I know that the story of this young man was not anything about Christianity but we can definitely take something away from it and apply to our lives as Believers.
See ya!

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On My Mind Lately…

Today I got a wonderful letter from a friend who just arrived in another country today and will spend a year there with the International Justice Mission. She messaged me on facebook a couple days ago asking for my address, I was kind of bewildered because it had been some time since we had talked but I was glad to be catching up with her. So, needless to say, she had automatically been on my mind since I knew I was getting something in the mail from her. I had forgotten that I was following her blog and was already aware that she was going to Uganda. (Doh!) But, after reading her letter and reading her blog post about her safe arrival in Uganda, it got me thinking. 

She just moved across the world. I have been so wrapped up cleaning, and packing and repeat those steps a billion more times. I sit down for a quick pinterest break or a quick facebook stalking break. (Shhhh, don’t tell.) But other than that, I am not keeping up with anyone, I have not been reading the blogs that I follow (Sorry). Hearing from her and seeing her blog post got me out of my head today and reminded me of the reason we are moving to Denver in the first place. 

We are not just moving there because it is an awesome place to live. (Which I have heard it will be.) We are moving there to go to Seminary. Let me give you a quick little background into the dreams TJ and I have one day. We want to open up a camp. Not just your run of the mill summer camp kind of deal, but rather one that takes teenagers or whomever or longer trips into the woods or mountains or just away from the routine of life and the bonds of technology. We want people to get out of the way so that God can do what He wills and so that He can speak to us. I am sure a more traditional summer camp will be part of what we do to help get us off the ground but we have a dream to reach people and get them out of themselves. And who knows, that may extend internationally at some point. I know I would like that. 🙂 

Our ultimate goal is to serve God and give Him the glory and that is why we are going to Denver, to go to Seminary to better serve Our Father and lead others into His creation. I just need to keep that in mind while I am busy packing and cleaning and slightly stressing. 

See ya!

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