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November 15 (belated): Things I Wish I Was Better At

In case you guys haven’t heard, I am no savant. I am no genius. I really just am not great at a pretty decent amount of things. Now before you get all, “Ashley, don’t be so hard on yourself.” I am not being a Debbie Downer here. Just being honest. I have my faults just like everyone else! There are things I am halfway decent at and there are things I am not. It happens. Welcome to life!

Things I Wish I Was Better At:

~ Eating healthy. I am terrible at eating healthy. I am currently sitting here eating Moose Munch which is caramel corn and chocolate cover caramel corn mixed together. I love me some chocolate and I love me some caramel. I have a major sweet tooth which I try to subdue with berries or other fruit as often as I can but honestly, I just love sweets! I also love salt. Lots and lots of it! I have gotten better about not eating as much but I still just love it!

~ Working out. Or even just being more active. I would much rather just sit on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls while eating Ice Cream. You feel me? Why can’t that be exercising? Why can’t you burn more calories reaching for the remote? I mean for real, I just think we should work on that.

~ Cleaning the house. I am not bad at picking things up, such as laundry to put in the hamper. But honestly, I am terrible at vacuuming and dusting and mopping. I do not enjoy it so I avoid it as long as possible. Being married has made me try a little harder but TJ doesn’t mind so oftentimes he will get to it before I do.

~ Cooking. My food doesn’t taste terrible. I mean some recipes have just not worked out, but the majority has been relatively delicious. I mean I am terrible at mustering up the energy to make food. (Remember the couch scenario from above?) I just do not want to make food sometimes! I would much rather sit on my bum than stand in the kitchen and prepare a meal after working all day.

What do you wish you were better at?

See ya!

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Thoughts for the Day

I had my morning devos this morning. I am so thankful that that is becoming more of a normal thing again. Having a cup of coffee and a quiet morning time in The Word is my favorite way to start the day. It really puts me at peace and centered for the rest of the day. I realize on the days I have spent time in the morning I am less critical and less stressed out at work or just in general. Whereas the days that I have not spent time in the morning, I am more critical of people around me and more on edge. So, getting that time is so necessary. This morning I was reading in my devotional book and came across this quote.

How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. Money mistakes can be corrected but time is gone forever.

David B. Norris

This was something I really started realizing this year. I was more focused on making money to pay off debt or what have you and not focusing on how I was spending my time. My relationships were not wonderful and my relationship with the Lord was definitely not great. I think that played a huge part in why I made resolutions this year. I want to make sure I am focusing on the right things in life. There is more to life than work and money.

I have still been keeping up with my de-cluttering in February. I went through my shirts which I realized I have a lot of. I got rid of a bunch and then started a “second chance pile” of shirts I had worn but it had been a while so I was willing to give them another chance. So far, 2 out of 3 have made it back into the drawer. I actually looked really good in those two lol! I have gotten some stuff out of my closet and my pantry and bedroom in general. I started tackling the mend pile next to my bed. So, it is going slowly but surely.

See ya!


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On My Mind Lately…

Today I got a wonderful letter from a friend who just arrived in another country today and will spend a year there with the International Justice Mission. She messaged me on facebook a couple days ago asking for my address, I was kind of bewildered because it had been some time since we had talked but I was glad to be catching up with her. So, needless to say, she had automatically been on my mind since I knew I was getting something in the mail from her. I had forgotten that I was following her blog and was already aware that she was going to Uganda. (Doh!) But, after reading her letter and reading her blog post about her safe arrival in Uganda, it got me thinking. 

She just moved across the world. I have been so wrapped up cleaning, and packing and repeat those steps a billion more times. I sit down for a quick pinterest break or a quick facebook stalking break. (Shhhh, don’t tell.) But other than that, I am not keeping up with anyone, I have not been reading the blogs that I follow (Sorry). Hearing from her and seeing her blog post got me out of my head today and reminded me of the reason we are moving to Denver in the first place. 

We are not just moving there because it is an awesome place to live. (Which I have heard it will be.) We are moving there to go to Seminary. Let me give you a quick little background into the dreams TJ and I have one day. We want to open up a camp. Not just your run of the mill summer camp kind of deal, but rather one that takes teenagers or whomever or longer trips into the woods or mountains or just away from the routine of life and the bonds of technology. We want people to get out of the way so that God can do what He wills and so that He can speak to us. I am sure a more traditional summer camp will be part of what we do to help get us off the ground but we have a dream to reach people and get them out of themselves. And who knows, that may extend internationally at some point. I know I would like that. 🙂 

Our ultimate goal is to serve God and give Him the glory and that is why we are going to Denver, to go to Seminary to better serve Our Father and lead others into His creation. I just need to keep that in mind while I am busy packing and cleaning and slightly stressing. 

See ya!

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