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March 26-29 Photos!

Alrighty, so much for trying to finish strong lol. I promise they will all be posted before the end of March though.

March 26: Playing With Shadow


Love the colors on this one!

March 27: Natural Light


I get some really great natural light that streams in through my windows 🙂

March 28: Incorporate Motion


A little blurry but they were being so crazy and running like mad men lol

March 29: Clouds


I can’t wait for life to get green again 🙂

Keep an eye out tomorrow for the last picture of the photo challenge!

See ya!

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Photo Challenge Continues!

Alright, so clearly this has been a hard challenge to keep up with! I just get so distracted with other things in life! Lol! My bad. Anyway, lets get caught up here!

March 17: Street Lights


I did not manage to get it all lit up but I thought this was kind of cool on a super dreary day. Lol

March 18: Depicting Emotion


The look on these two faces is hilarious! They were having so much fun exploring. Miss you Alexi!

March 19: Landscape


Why yes, yes I do live in one of the most awesome places ever!

March 20: Whatever You Want



One of our close Friends (his name is also TJ). This picture definitely shows how much he loves climbing lol.

March 21: Sunset


The sunsets here in Colorado are amazing! They never cease to amaze me!

March 22: Someone You Love


Gotta spread the love around! This is my other sister Katie! Missing both sisters lots!

March 23: Childhood Memory


I guess this is more high school but it is one of my favorite memories! Grandpa and Grandma visited me at Hume Lake and we drove around the lake in his sports car. Miss you Grandpa!

March 24: Favorite Color Scheme


Purple and Orange! It looks kind of blue in this picture but it is definitely purple! Plus this picture has all my favorite people in it! 😛

Well, there we are! All caught up! Phew. I promise to finish out the month strong!

See ya!

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Book Review: God in the Wilderness

So, I was able to get one more book in before the end of July. I just have not had the time to write about it. Ever since moving to Colorado and especially this summer where on my days off I am tired of being at home sitting, I keep finding myself outside more and more. Hiking, climbing, Zip lining, you name it. So when I would have normally been reading or blogging or pinning, I would much rather be outside in this beautiful state, which is why my blog has been slacking lately. But I am still working on the book list, I promise!

After reading God in the Wilderness by Rabbi Jamie S. Korngold, I was struck even more by how much I want to live life outside. She has great points of how Jesus did a lot of his ministry outside, and how God appeared to Moses and others outside. Not necessarily in church or synagogue but outside in His creation, not man’s creation. Church is great and we need that time of worship and fellowship with other believers, but she really brings it home that why are we worshipping in man’s creation and not God’s? Anyway, here are the pros and cons.

Likes: This book really challenged you to meet with your Creator outside. We need to get away from life and just meet with Him face to face and it is so much easier to do it in His creation that it is in a building or amongst hundreds of other people sometimes. She had great points. The book was easy to read and connect with. It was a quick read. I loved the whole book.

Dislikes: She and I did not necessarily agree on some finer points of theology. She is a Rabbi and very orthodox in her Judaism. I’m not bashing the Jews, because they are God’s chosen people but there are just some added “books of the Bible” that I don’t agree are part of the Bible. There was a couple of other points that I can’t remember currently but that was the only dislike of the book.

I recommend reading this book. It is such a great challenge to get outside and worship God in His creation. Realize he is a God who loves you and wants you to enjoy His creation. It is definitely a book to read over and over again!

See ya!

P.S. Update on life coming soon I promise!


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S is for Style, My Style to be Exact

Today I thought I would show some of the items that typically show up in my everyday wardrobe. I am super easy going but with a little bit of quirkiness and that definitely comes out in what I wear.

This tends to be my normal everyday wear. A V-neck, a hoodie, hair pulled back into a messy bun, and little to no make-up unless I am going out somewhere.

Always paired with some kind of jeans, today it is my ripped ones, and some sandals.

I also love love love scarves! Those are layers of scarves, there is more there than meets the eye.

I also love converse! I have been wearing them since I was 13. Obviously not this pair, but I have been wear converse shoes for almost 9 years now.

And, I love my red lipstick! If it went with everything I wore everyday, I would probably wear it everyday, but alas, it does not on some days.

Well there is a glimpse into the makings of my style. It is kind of mismatched but I like it. I also love dresses, anything that flows really nicely, and tank tops. Some days I love dressing up, other days I do not want to get our of my pajamas. Just ask TJ, he can tell you how he doesn’t know what to expect me to wear form day to day.

Yesterday, I forgot to put up a picture of my bag being put to good use with my rock climbing stuff in it so here it is:

I am also following another blog on here called whendidibecomeaknitter. You can check out her blog here. She is making this blanket called the Epic Blanket of Insanity. I found the pattern she is working form and decided to start my own. I am having so much fun learning this new way of making a blanket. Here is the beginnings of my insanity.

It is little squares or diamonds or however you want to look at it and you piece them together to make this rather large blanket. You can check out the pattern here. 

Hope you enjoyed my style and what is going on in my project land right now!

See ya!


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