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Pretty Things

Lately, I have been a little frustrated with my work wardrobe. I do a lot of warehouse work and if I wear anything nice it gets gross and after a while ruined. I’m lugging cardboard boxes around and such and they are not clean after coming off of the truck. I always feel so gross when I am done with work. 

I have a tom-boy side. I love to get dirty outside. I love to play in the dirt and mud. I love mountain biking and skiing. But… I also love to look pretty. I love some girly clothes. I love flowy dresses and shirt. I love shorts or skirts. So, with my work wardrobe being gross and kind of bland at this point, I have been eyeing some really pretty things on pinterest lately. 

Maybe I can find a job where I can look this cute all the time!

Do you find yourself daydreaming about pretty things sometimes? Or is it just me?

See ya!

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Packing, Packing, and More Packing

This past week or so has been so super busy. I have just been packing anything and everything into boxes. I have been cleaning. (You should see my bathroom, it has never looked this clean.) I just keep scrubbing and packing. I took down all of our posters off the walls yesterday, and I am telling you, our apartment is looking super sparse. It hardly feels like our apartment now. Just wow. I have almost everything packed except for the stuff that we use everyday.

Today, I was on the lookout for a cosmetic bag. I have been dragging all of my shampoo, conditioner, and other everyday necessities in ziploc bags. Needless to say, not very classy. Not very womanly at all. So, i was on the hunt for something to carry my items around. I did not want something too boring pattern-wise and also not something too small. I finally came across this one that is perfect for exactly what I am in need of.
Definitely looks more adult like, without going overboard. Something simple and cheap and exactly perfect for my uses. Yay!

However, on the search around town for a cosmetic bag, I found these awesome fake birkenstocks. I love the look of these shoes and I love how comfortable they are. However, on a newly married budget, birkenstocks can be a little pricey. But when you find a fake pair that are just as comfortable for less than $15 at Ross, I say DIBS! I snagged them up and have not taken them off since I bought them. So comfy!
 Yay shoes!

I also finished up knitting my coffee cozy! I just have to get some awesome (organic) wooden buttons, and maybe we will put up a post on Etsy? First store posting? I just might do that. Do you like coffee cozys so that your hands don’t get burnt by how hot the coffee is?
Finished knit project, not so great picture, but better ones will come later. Must find buttons! Any suggestions?

Well, I am off to more cleaning and packing.
Look how many boxes and how empty my apartment is getting!
So many boxes, and so much cleaning!!! And yet so much more to do! Wow!

I’m off to keep working!
See ya!

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