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March 30: Yourself 30 Days Later

Well, this challenge has been fun. I get a day of rest before I start the next one. Keep an eye for the start of the next challenge on April 1! But here is the last picture for the March 30 day challenge!

March 30: Yourself 30 Days Later

Photo on 3-30-14 at 4.03 PM #2


Not the greatest picture but I just got back from mountain biking and wanted to make sure I got this post done before spending some much needed one on one with TJ  tonight 🙂

See ya!


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Photo Challenge Continues!

Alright, so clearly this has been a hard challenge to keep up with! I just get so distracted with other things in life! Lol! My bad. Anyway, lets get caught up here!

March 17: Street Lights


I did not manage to get it all lit up but I thought this was kind of cool on a super dreary day. Lol

March 18: Depicting Emotion


The look on these two faces is hilarious! They were having so much fun exploring. Miss you Alexi!

March 19: Landscape


Why yes, yes I do live in one of the most awesome places ever!

March 20: Whatever You Want



One of our close Friends (his name is also TJ). This picture definitely shows how much he loves climbing lol.

March 21: Sunset


The sunsets here in Colorado are amazing! They never cease to amaze me!

March 22: Someone You Love


Gotta spread the love around! This is my other sister Katie! Missing both sisters lots!

March 23: Childhood Memory


I guess this is more high school but it is one of my favorite memories! Grandpa and Grandma visited me at Hume Lake and we drove around the lake in his sports car. Miss you Grandpa!

March 24: Favorite Color Scheme


Purple and Orange! It looks kind of blue in this picture but it is definitely purple! Plus this picture has all my favorite people in it! 😛

Well, there we are! All caught up! Phew. I promise to finish out the month strong!

See ya!

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March 9 & 10: From a Distance and Whatever I Want

Sorry about the delay on this one too guys. I spent the past two days enjoying the amazing 70 degree weather we have been having! I have to get outside just to keep my sanity lol. I got to go hiking yesterday with my little man Faelyn and went for a run today! Love it! But anyway, back to the photography challenge!

Something From a Distance:








I get to call this home! How beautiful is that?! I think that might be pike’s peak but I could be wrong. I can’t quite remember.

Whatever I Want:








These two are besties for sure! They really do love hanging out with each other and playing with each other. It gives them each a buddy so that they are not so lonely. I love both personalities.

Anyway, enough about my children lol.

See ya!

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So, news to be praying for. Yesterday, TJ and I met with a pastor up in Evergreen about a job as a youth pastor. Super exciting. It is not going to be a quick process. There is still going to be more meetings and conversations and getting to know the church body, but this is something that we are super excited about! After talking with the pastor yesterday, I think we were even more excited to about how the church is wanting to reach the students not only in their church but also in their community. They know that in order for their church to not stagnate and die off, they have to reach the young adults of their community. It was just so refreshing to see someone as excited for the youth as we are.

That being said, this is going to take some time. And honestly some prayer. We want to make sure that we are the right fit for them and they are a right fit for us. It will take commitment. They have had so many youth pastors who haven’t stuck around. We do not want to be that for them. So, anyway. If you would keep us and the church in your thoughts and prayers, that would be appreciated.

Even if we end up not being the right fit for them, we still would like to move up to Evergreen. There is a lot of good that could be done up there and there is a lot of potential for camp up there. A lot. I think that is a place we both see ourselves setting up home base for camp. So, we would really like to get up into the community and start maybe getting the ball rolling. I know I keep saying that but camp is not an easy thing to start. It is an extremely long process and it takes a lot of money and credibility.

Evergreen is stunningly beautiful by the way. When we go back up for church on Sunday, I will take some pictures and post them. They are unreal. There is a lake. And mountains. And green. GREEN! Green is hard to find here in Colorado. Super hard to find.

I’m still going on with the book reading. I know the end is nearing and I’m not even close it feels like, but I have not given up! I will get as much as I can done and then continue with the reading until it is done. Oh well.

See ya!

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T- Time for Warm Weather?

It is finally warm here in the lovely Denver, Co! Yay!!! April has brought more snow than we got most of the season. How crazy is that?! We have had two or three snow storms over the last couple of weeks. Here let me show you….

CAM00294 CAM00296



How crazy is that?! This is April! Virginia and Pennsylvania are getting much warmer weather, why can’t we!?
Today we have finally made it up to 62 degrees! Yay! There is a 30% chance of snow on Wednesday but I am really hoping it doesn’t. I am just done with the snow. I know I know, we need the moisture. We have restrictions already on our water usage and we need to get our reservoirs filled up but dude, can we please be done?!

So, anyway, I definitely plan on getting out in the sun today. The house needs a little tidying first but I have every intention of being outside and enjoying the weather!

See ya!


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Ok so everyone makes resolutions in 2013. Well, almost everyone. I can’t say that I made any solid resolutions, I just decided that I want my life to include a couple of things this year! I know its a little late to talk about how I want this year to look, but we gotta spread it out so that we don’t get overwhelmed  by everyone posting about New Year’s resolutions all at once, right?

So here it goes!

What I want out of this year:

1. update my blog and make it more consistent. I want to provide better content for you. I want it to be more consistent. I want to talk about what you want to talk about. What are some things you would like to see on this blog? Honestly. More recipes? More outdoor adventures? More DIY? Other items?

2. Get my etsy shop up and running. I have loved the idea of owning my own business for a while. I love making things with my hands. Making things and scheduling my own hours and interacting with customers who are buying something I made, how cool would that be?!

3. Read more. I still have yet to finish Anna Karenina. I need to just sit down and focus! Haha! This whole 52 books in 52 weeks thing is definitely harder than I thought. lol!

4. Get back in shape. I will admit it, I have gotten a little soft. I am not a fan of that. So, I am not making a resolution to lose so much pounds, but just to start getting back in shape and living a healthier lifestyle.

So, now that we are moving and will have our own place hopefully soon, I feel inspired to get moving! We are still waiting to hear about when we are going to move in so I will give some pictures of our new place when that has been fully resolved.

What do you want out of this year? What are you goals?


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Book Review: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Sorry its been awhile guys. I have just been super busy and reading my book has not taken first priority in life lately. I mean that is understandable right? Anyway, I did finally finish the next book last night. Obviously nothing too deep or anything. I mean how deep can you get with Pride and Prejudice mixed with zombies? There aren’t going to be any life lessons there, that’s for sure. This was definitely just a fun read.

I love the Pride and Prejudice storyline. I have always enjoyed Jane Austen and have seen the six-hour long Pride and Prejudice from BBC as well as the Keira Knightly one. I also own both of them as well. There are times when I prefer P&P to my usual Sci-Fi or horror choices. So, the storyline is still great! The fact that they added in zombies, fuels my desire for romance as well as horror or whatever you classify zombies as. It added a nice little twist to the original storyline.

The zombie bits honestly did not add as much to the storyline as I was hoping. I mean it was most of the time just a little add here and there. Nothing too dramatic. I would’ve liked more zombie bits to be quite honest. If you are going to add zombies, add zombies. If not, just forget about it.

I loved it! It really was such a great read! Again, I love the original story line. The zombies did not take away from that at all, which was awesome. It wasn’t like they totally messed with the original, they just added in some zombies, so that was fun. I really enjoy watching the love between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth unfold. There came a point in the book where I couldn’t put the book down even though I knew what happened. I seriously read for about four hours when I got home last night from work. I just wanted to read what happened next even though I know it by heart. The fun part of reading a book after watching the movies is that you picture the movie (adding in zombies, of course) as you are reading.

The next book is: Christian Outdoor Leadership by Ashley Denton (one of our professors for our Masters program.)

In other news, I finished my pocket scarf. Pictures to come soon I promise. I took one with my phone but I need to take a picture with my camera now. Haha.

I also got accepted into Seminary for the spring! Yay! I was so excited when the admissions counselor called to tell me and then when I actually got the acceptance letter in the mail yesterday! I have been working to get this acceptance since about March so it was about time that I finally got accepted. Getting transcripts sent over to them. Them processing my application, etc. took wayyyyyy too long. But the Lord provides and I am off to get my Masters in Outdoor Leadership come Spring 2013. Whoohoo!



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