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R is for Rockclimbing

How ironic is it that the day we are supposed to blog about R is the day my husband and his friends plan for us to go rock climbing? Haha! 

Today was the first time we have been rock climbing in a while. It had just been so cold and I am not a cold weather climber unless it is in a gym that is warmer. But anyway, that is beside the point. Today, was so good to get out and rock climb. I meant to take more pictures, but I just had too much fun climbing and enjoying the fresh spring air. I took a couple and will show you those pictures first and then I will post some other pictures from previous rock climbing expeditions. I realized just how long it had been since I had rock climbed. My fingers were definitely not wanting to hold me to the wall today. Haha! Time to get back out there and climb more so that I can get my strength back up. Waitressing definitely keeps the strength up in my arms and hands but not my fingers. 

Here are the pictures from today!


Faelyn heard turkeys down in the valley and was ready to go hunt them down. Haha! He was perched up there for about ten minutes just listening and ready to pounce.


TJ carrying the crash pads with the dog almost pulling him down the hill. They were both super happy to be out and are now both pooped after running around. 


This is at one of our favorite climbing places at school. It used to be an old rail road bridge. But the bridge became too unstable for a train to go across and so they moved it over and the old pillars still stand and are owned by the Lynchburg Climbing Club. It is just wonderful and so much fun to climb. On this one we definitely use rope. 


This was just a couple of months ago and the place we were at today, Hunter Rocks. We do not use rope here because the rocks are not very high and so landing on crash pads are all that is necessary to break our fall. We love bouldering. 

Time to go shower off and get ready to go out for dinner with my hubby!

See ya!


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Totally Awesome Tuesday: Crashpads (A-Z Challenge continued)

Well, today is the third day of the April A-Z Challenge and I am continuing to keep with the lettters and my awesome product to talk about today is crashpads. They are very essential in my life especially during the warmer months. They are big squishy pieces of foam that are put at the bottom of a rock wall and if you wall when you are bouldering (climbing on a smaller surface without ropes) then that piece of foam is there to break your fall instead of the hard ground. It is super important to make sure those crash pads are placed under the climber because if they are not, then there could be serious injury to the climber.

I rock climb outside in the warmer months and in a gym when I can in the colder months. I love it, it helps me stay strong and lean (which is not two words I would use to describe myself this winter) and it is just fun. My husband is the one who got me into rock climbing when we were dating and it has stuck ever since.

If I am climbing in a gym or with other friends who bring their own crashpads, I will use whatever they bring but the ones that we prefer to use is from a company called Organic. They are a local company here in Central PA. (Side Note: It is great to support local companies when you can instead of just always going with a brand name big company.) We have become friends with the owner and we honestly just love the quality of their crashpads. If you have not heard of them or just want to take a look at their awesome colors on their custom made crash pads, check them out here.


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