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Q- Quit Making Excuses

We have all heard or made them…

“I would work out, if I did not work so late.”

“I would do laundry if I had more time.”

“If only I had more time.”

“If only I had more money.”

If this and if that. Living a fuller life means stop making excuses. When I started this challenge, I said I was going to try and share ways to live a fuller and healthier life. I have shared some posts about healthier items, but not so much about the fuller. There is so much more to life than sitting around making excuses.

You don’t want to live life and get to the end wishing you had done something differently. Do it now! Find a way and do it now!
There is a guy at work who is planning big trips and he doesn’t want to settle down, he just wants to go out and enjoy life. Go for it! If you are already married, take your significant other with you! Do stuff that you have always wanted to do! Go on hikes, go on dates, just get out and enjoy life!

No more excuses! You are the only one holding you back! No one else.

See ya!

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