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Family Visit: Red Rocks

Wow! February is already here!!! I can’t even believe it! January went way too quickly. I can’t even believe it. Although, not gonna lie, I am super ready for sunshine and warmth. We just got another 4-6 inches of snow last night so I am beyond ready for some warmth and sunshine down here in Denver. Keep winter up in the mountains so I can continue to have my ski season, but warmth down here.

Anyway, my mom and sisters have been in town since last Monday! It has been a whirlwind week. They leave on Tuesday but I thought I would share some snapshots of the fun we have had!

Tuesday, I started them out by taking them to Red Rocks. It is absolutely stunning there and essential to see when you are here in the Denver area!

Aren’t these rocks beautiful?!

Red Rocks Edit 1

Red Rocks Edit 2 Red Rocks Edit 4

The amphitheater at Red Rocks!

Red Rocks Edit 6

The stairs at Red Rocks!

Red Rocks Edit 7

This is Tara’s “I totally crushed that!” face! Lol!

Red Rocks Edit 8

It looks like everyone was pretty tired!

Red Rocks Edit 9

More adventures to come! Keep an eye out!

Happy February everybody!

See ya!

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November 8: Things I Am Not Looking Forward To

November is usually a month where people are saying what they are thankful for. I am thankful for so much, don’t get me wrong. But the holidays also bring things that I am just not looking forward to. Especially working in retail… You know what I’m saying?

Here we go…

~ Christmas shoppers who are grumpy because they have been out all day with family and it has not been a pleasant experience. Spread some joy and love! Also, don’t do all of your Christmas shopping on one day! Spread it out!

~ The long hours working retail during the holidays. Oh man, it is exhausting. I am a girl who absolutely loves Christmas. I am seriously a young child every year around this time. Everything fascinates me, the colors, the lights, the smells, I love it! Working retail can really take that out of you.

~ Driving in the snow. I will admit, I have gotten better but I am still not great. It still scares the living daylights out of me. When you start sliding… oh man there goes my blood pressure just thinking about it.

~ Denver drivers in the snow. With the amount of transplants that Denver has, not everyone has come from a state where they had to drive in the snow. They just do not know how to do so half the time. Scares me and drives me crazy!

~ Not being close to family for the holidays. I am such a sap. I love having family close by for the holidays. I love waking up to the smell of waffles, cinnamon gravy and bacon. (And coffee of course) I love coming into the living room and sharing presents with everyone. It always makes me so sad to not be close to family. It is just so dang hard to get time of for Christmas or Thanksgiving when you work retail.

See ya!

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March 14 & 15: Focusing On Eyes and Whatever You Want

I liked this prompt. I will admit, my favorite part of my face is my eyes. I really like their color and their shape. So, I was super excited for this prompt. Lol. My mom loves my eyes too lol. She also posted a picture of mine. Although in her picture I had edited it a little so that they look yellow and kind of creepy. Here is the link if you want to check it out!

But here is my picture!



I will admit, taking a picture of your own eyes with a DSLR is really difficult. lol.

Now for the Whatever I want picture, I couldn’t help but post a picture of my youngest sister Tara. I don’t know how I got this picture but it turned out awesome and I figured you were tired of seeing pictures of my dogs lol.



That smile gets me every time! She is such a goof lol.

See ya!

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Merry Christmas!

This is usually my favorite time of year! I love Christmas! I love giving gifts! I love finding something that my friends and family will truly love. Gift giving is one of my love languages. I love to give gifts and I love to receive them! It is just something special.

However this year I noticed I was feeling a little different. This is my first year away from home. I have always spent Christmas with my family and that is part of the reason it has been so special. They are seriously the best and I miss them terribly! There are so many traditions that I have with them that is part of what makes Christmas so special! So that is not really here which put a little damper on things. Then I have been so busy with work that looking for great gifts was not easy. We were always busy with something and so my gifts this year were just not up to my usual standards. Haha! I am also working customer service at REI this holiday season. We do alot of the out of store orders and returns. It also means we deal with the people who are not so nice during the holiday season. It really puts a damper on the holiday season. I go home after work and just can’t wait for the holidays to be over. Not a great outlook on this joyous time of year!

So, I am trying to just forget about work for the next two days and enjoy the joy of life and take time to be thankful for the loved ones in my life. I think having all of these shootings so close to Christmas makes you realize just how precious life is and how precious those that you love are! So, cherish the time you have with your family!

Also, remember the reason for the season. It is not to get the best present, it is the birth of Christ. Keep that in mind when you go out shopping or doing returns after Christmas! Show Christ’s love no matter where you are or how long the line is!

Merry Christmas everybody!


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So, as you may have noticed, I am horribly inconsistent with my blogging. I try to be better, but I have just not been home at all since my last post. There is so much going on in our lives right now. We are working tons and getting ready for the holidays and getting up to date on a bunch stuff that life throws at you. 

Let’s do a mini update. 

~ I may have found the reason for my massive migraines and the options I have to fix that. Yay for a change in meds!

~ We are moving hopefully in January. Our lease is up and we are looking at both apartments and houses. Nothing set in stone, but there are options out there. 

~Student loans kick in in January… *plays music that indicates doom*. Working on getting that lowered.

~ Going skiing for Thanksgiving! Well, we may or may not ski, we will see. But we get to spend time with our family away from family. A bunch of people from work are going to Arapaho Basin and it should be a great Thanksgiving when I can’t be home with my family!

~ So many thoughts going on in my head, it really is hard to put it all in here. I promise to share some of them later. 

But for now, Happy Thanksgiving if I don’t get back on before!

See ya!

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The Results Are In

Ok, so last month (in the middle of Sept.) I wrote a post about praying for your husband. I personally thought it was awesome! I was super excited about the list and taking the next ten days to pray for him. Well ten days turned into about three weeks. That goes to show you just how sporadic my devos can be. Life just really gets in the way sometimes and by the end of the day when I would be on the edge of sleep I would finally realize that dangit, I didn’t do my devos today! So, not making excuses but explaining what happened.

The list itself was great! I really did enjoy having something specific to pray for my husband each day! It really brought it home. I did my last one today which was “I pray that I will show my husband respect, grace, and kindness.” The Devil really has a sense of humor. I really should have done my devos earlier this morning. Instead I waited a couple hours after we woke up until TJ went off to work to do my devos. In the span of those couple of hours I managed to get stressed out about a couple things and go on a cleaning frenzy and then frustrated with life in general I lashed out at TJ and gave him a nice chewing out. Now, does that sound like grace, respect, and kindness? Not so much… That lashing out was right before he left, and then I did my devos and felt so terrible. I am telling you, Satan really knows when best to attack. I feel like I am a personal tool of Satan’s during this time of the month and I needed those devos especially praying for my husband like that this morning.

So, for all you ladies out there, take this list to heart, especially this last one. Showing your husband grace, respect, and kindness will make him the man and the leader that you need him to be. Build him up, don’t tear him down. I know I would rather be built up as opposed to torn down everyday. If I am not cherished and loved and respected by my husband I know I will feel like a total failure at life. Don’t you think that husbands feel the same way when their wives treat them without grace, respect, and kindness? Just a little food for thought.


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The Day After…

Well, the A-Z Challenge is over. I had such a great time posting for the challenge. Would it be bad if I found another challenge to make posts for? I mean I graduate next week and need some fun to do and post about. After I graduate I’m going to have to adjust the about me section. That is exciting! Come the first week of July, I will have tons to post about!

We are moving the first week of July! We are looking at a house at the moment, but it is so hard to check out a house and get things moving to buy the house form half way across the country. You can tell we are new at this whole moving across the country and buying a home deal. I think that is part of the fun though! We are having this adventure together! I honestly would not want to do this adventure with anyone else. I promise to take pictures and post them of our move across the country. It will be so exciting! The packing, the driving, the securing the house, the unpacking, and the making the home my own. This is such an adventure and I honestly can’t wait to take it! Less than two months!

Everything really started settling in yesterday. I finished all of my internship paperwork and it was ready to submit and I realized that I was graduating next week. Four years have led to this and I can’t even believe it is finally here! I have worked super hard for this moment. I have gone through late nights, all nighters, cafeteria food, a 400 page paper, financial obstacles, having to request into classes, and changing a major to get to this moment and it is finally here! Not only is it here for me, but I get to share in this moment with my dad who is walking with me. That is a huge deal for me. He was always pushing me to finish my degree because he had never finished his, and now we get to finish it together! Yay Dad! I couldn’t be more proud.

Tomorrow brings about another day of homework, I am trying to get it all done in the next two days so that I do not have to worry about it all weekend and I do not have to think about it at the beginning of next week either! I want this next week and a half to be more relaxing than stressful so that I can enjoy my graduation and time with my family.

I’ll post more later.
Until then,
See ya!

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