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Book Review: The Ultimate Checklist for Life

So, I just finished this devotional yesterday and since I am so far behind on my reading challenge I figured I might as well add this book to the list. It is called The Ultimate Checklist for Life. If you have been in the Christian circle for any length of time then you know about the Checklist for Life books. This one is a compilation of those books. It was on my bookshelf and I needed a new devotional to start so I went for it. 

This one has 8 sections that it is compiled of:

1. Checklist for Life
2. Checklist for Life for Women
3. Checklist for Life for Men
4. Checklist for Life for Teens
5. Checklist for Life for Moms
6. Checklist for Life for Leaders
7. Checklist for Life for Graduates
8. Checklist for Life for Teachers

There were some sections that I did not particularly fall under but I read them anyway because we can all learn from different areas and experiences. I did however skip the men section. I did not really relate to some of those examples and whatnot. 

Pros: It was a great day at a time devotional. It gave me something to think about each day. It was fairly relevant to my life in some ways. It was an easy read. It was not difficult to understand. 

Cons: It was an easy read. It was kind of fluffy. It was super just surface Christianity without getting into the depth of Christianity. At times, it was kind of boring. 

Overall, if you are just looking for something to add to your daily time with God, then this is a good option. However, if you are looking for something to take you deeper into your faith, this is not a good option for you. It is a topical book and not an in depth book. Good read but not for everyone’s current walk. 

Stayed tuned for my March 1st post!

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Thoughts for the Day

I had my morning devos this morning. I am so thankful that that is becoming more of a normal thing again. Having a cup of coffee and a quiet morning time in The Word is my favorite way to start the day. It really puts me at peace and centered for the rest of the day. I realize on the days I have spent time in the morning I am less critical and less stressed out at work or just in general. Whereas the days that I have not spent time in the morning, I am more critical of people around me and more on edge. So, getting that time is so necessary. This morning I was reading in my devotional book and came across this quote.

How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. Money mistakes can be corrected but time is gone forever.

David B. Norris

This was something I really started realizing this year. I was more focused on making money to pay off debt or what have you and not focusing on how I was spending my time. My relationships were not wonderful and my relationship with the Lord was definitely not great. I think that played a huge part in why I made resolutions this year. I want to make sure I am focusing on the right things in life. There is more to life than work and money.

I have still been keeping up with my de-cluttering in February. I went through my shirts which I realized I have a lot of. I got rid of a bunch and then started a “second chance pile” of shirts I had worn but it had been a while so I was willing to give them another chance. So far, 2 out of 3 have made it back into the drawer. I actually looked really good in those two lol! I have gotten some stuff out of my closet and my pantry and bedroom in general. I started tackling the mend pile next to my bed. So, it is going slowly but surely.

See ya!


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So many thoughts…

As I am reading this book, or should I say inhaling this book, (I have not out it down except to go to work tonight) there are so many things just running through my head. I do not think that I have ever been nearly this talkative with anyone about my thoughts about this book and the idea and convictions I have moving to Denver in three weeks. I have lived a life of keep to myself and just do what I do to get by over the last year. I hate to admit, but I am being honest. My relationship with God has kind of bottomed out. My relationship with my hubby has felt the effects of it. (Yes, even as a newlywed. :P) I know that my relationship with him and my relationship with others would become that much better if I were to actually be the kind of Christian that I am supposed to be.

I have always had a heart for serving people. I guess that comes from me being a woman but that also comes from the burden God has placed on my heart for those less fortunate than I am. I always wanted to go on as many missions trips as I could and I always wanted to help where I could. I have not been actively pursuing such services lately and it is breaking my heart while I am reading this book. I waste so much and consume so much as an American Christian when my brothers and sisters around the world have so little.

I love what Jen said in Month three which if I remember correctly was possessions, “When you’re desperate, usually the best news you can receive is food, water, shelter. These provisions communicate God’s presence infinitely more than a tract or Christian performance in the local park. They convey, ‘God loves you so dearly, He sent people to your rescue.’ I guess that’s why ‘love people’ is the second command next to ‘love God.’ And since God’s reputation is hopelessly linked to His followers’ behavior, I suspect He wouldn’t be stuck with His current rap if we spent our time loving others and stocking their cabinets.” Dude, if I can be honest, we suck at that.

We have a ministry at our church where we have a food pantry for the less fortunate in our area. It is such a great ministry and a lot of these people regularly come through and we get to not only meet their physical needs but we get to build relationships with them and share the love of Jesus with them. I love this ministry but I wish that the church would get just as excited to help them as well! Not just the church I attend but also the church around the country. We need to stop sitting on our nice squishy couches and help those who do not have couches or homes for that matter. We are all God’s children and we need to not hold on so tightly to our luxuries (and as American’s we all have luxuries as much as we hate to admit it.) and let God use them because they are His to begin with.

That is something that I want to not only challenge myself with but also you who are reading this. No matter where you are in your life, let God use you and your junk (her phrase, not mine) for His purposes and His glory. I told I could just keep going and going. I have kept my hubby up two nights in a row now talking about my challenges and desires from reading this book. When we move, I really want to use my home (as I said before) as a place for people, any people, to crash if they need a place to stay. It is His house. He will give us the money to have said home and I want to use that home to be the temporary home for His people. I meant that is what we are called to do right? Love His people? I want to figure out my role in putting hands and feet to the Gospel instead of just going to church and talking about it.

Anyway, I will most likely have more tomorrow. I should stop for the night before I bore you all to tears if you have kept reading thus far. If you have any thoughts, questions or what have you, please feel free to talk to me!

See ya!

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