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So, news to be praying for. Yesterday, TJ and I met with a pastor up in Evergreen about a job as a youth pastor. Super exciting. It is not going to be a quick process. There is still going to be more meetings and conversations and getting to know the church body, but this is something that we are super excited about! After talking with the pastor yesterday, I think we were even more excited to about how the church is wanting to reach the students not only in their church but also in their community. They know that in order for their church to not stagnate and die off, they have to reach the young adults of their community. It was just so refreshing to see someone as excited for the youth as we are.

That being said, this is going to take some time. And honestly some prayer. We want to make sure that we are the right fit for them and they are a right fit for us. It will take commitment. They have had so many youth pastors who haven’t stuck around. We do not want to be that for them. So, anyway. If you would keep us and the church in your thoughts and prayers, that would be appreciated.

Even if we end up not being the right fit for them, we still would like to move up to Evergreen. There is a lot of good that could be done up there and there is a lot of potential for camp up there. A lot. I think that is a place we both see ourselves setting up home base for camp. So, we would really like to get up into the community and start maybe getting the ball rolling. I know I keep saying that but camp is not an easy thing to start. It is an extremely long process and it takes a lot of money and credibility.

Evergreen is stunningly beautiful by the way. When we go back up for church on Sunday, I will take some pictures and post them. They are unreal. There is a lake. And mountains. And green. GREEN! Green is hard to find here in Colorado. Super hard to find.

I’m still going on with the book reading. I know the end is nearing and I’m not even close it feels like, but I have not given up! I will get as much as I can done and then continue with the reading until it is done. Oh well.

See ya!

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G- Greens

Summer is coming! Well, maybe after this “blizzard” that is supposed to roll through tomorrow. Oh Denver in the spring time. You know what that means, fresh fruits and VEGGIES!!! I am so excited! I have been finding new recipes throughout the year for veggies all kind of ways. Fresh vegetables will be the best way to implement these recipes. 

It is also inspiring me to eat more veggies and live a healthier lifestyle. As I have said before, spring is a time of refreshment and a time to rejuvenate. Veggies are a great way to bring that about to your health this spring and summer.

I am going to be growing some herbs and hopefully some green beans this year. It will take some time but I want to gradually grow a garden so that I can have my own fresh vegetables. Yay! 

Are you excited for fresh veggies and fruits this summer?!

See ya!


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K is for Knitting

Let’s be honest here. We all saw this coming for my K post. I am always talking about this project and that project and this yarn and that yarn, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I chose knitting to talk about today.

This one will be more pictures than anything lol. I love knitting. It keeps my mind from wandering off and getting lost in an abyss. It also keep my hands busy so I don’t always feel like I have to get up and do something. It can be very relaxing, very stressful, very therapeutic, very annoying. You name, I have probably felt that way about knitting at some point in my knitting journey. I just love making things with my hands and knitting is one of my favorite ways to do so!

My current stash of yarn, needles and a how to book.

That wasn’t even including the yarn I have already on current projects. hehehe.
My current projects: a tote bag and a shawl

And then we have some of my finished projects. Several hats (although not all are here) and a blanket. I’ve done scarves too.

So, needless to say, I think I rather enjoy knitting a lot.

See ya!


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Totally Awesome Tuesday: Peaches and Creme Yarn

So, today is Tuesday yet again. I feel like Monday is just a day I push through and then Tuesday comes and I start to realize how busy my week is. This is when reality sets in a little bit lol.

Last week I talked about how awesome Chaco is. I got to wear my chaco sandals almost all week. It has been a little colder over the last couple days so I have not worn them.

This week I want to talk about my favorite yarn to use, which is Peaches and Creme Yarn. If you have not tried them or have not heard of them, you can either find them at Walmart, or check out their website here.They are made in Canada but it is 100% U.S.A. grown cotton so it is an all natural yarn. I love using organic products and this one has just amazing colors. I have shown you some of the colors that I have around or some that I have used in some of my projects. They are honestly such a great product and their little balls of yarn are not expensive at all.

I used one of their balls of yarn yet again as I finished up my hat this week and as I start my next project today. (It is a secret about what it is.)

This is my newest hat! I just love the colors! They layered on each other so beautifully and I used the Floral Fantasy color twist from Peaches and Creme. It is just a great hat and so color to add to my spring wardrobe. Again, if you want one, I am selling them for $20.

I am also using a nice light blue for my next project this week. This is also from Peaches and Creme. It is such a light and yet strong yarn. I would tell anyone about it and encourage anyone use it for their projects.

Well, I must be off as I do some work around the house, plan my topics for the April Challenge and then head off to work!
See ya!

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