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Kauai, I Miss You

Kauai was an amazing, once in a lifetime trip. I am so glad that we took this time to go and get away for awhile. I am glad TJ and I finally had some time just for us. It was a really magical place and I would love to go back again some day!

Fun facts:
~ It is crazy hot and humid there.
~ Hanalei has some super great farmers markets
~ Snowcones are delicious, get it with ice cream!
~ Puka Dog makes the best lemonade ever!
~ The Kalalau is dangerous, don’t slip
~ Jurassic Park was filmed partly on Kauai
~ So was South Pacific (Bali Hai, hidden island, come to me…)
~ A lot of movies have scenes filmed in Kauai

Hanalei Bay was honestly one of my favorite parts. It was absolutely peaceful and stunning. No wonder they filmed South Pacific there. We went out on the pier at sunset and got these wonderful shots!



Kauai was amazing and beautiful! I highly recommend going if you get the chance!

See ya!

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