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It has been a while hasn’t it…

Ok, so I haven’t posted in a while. Oops. I had three days off last week all right in a row. It was fantastic! I love having those days off and having nothing to except read, knit, watch goofy movies, and even pack a little. It was wonderful. I did exactly those things. I honestly felt so carefree, I love summer vacation. I love being done with my undergrad. I love life. Then the weekend came and I was busy at work, my husband was home and ended up getting sick and so blogging just did not happen.

This week, I have had yesterday and today off and I also have tomorrow off. I would’ve had an awesome week like last week, except…. I have had trouble getting my butt either off the bed or the couch. The horrible head cold that my husband had, he graciously passed it on to me. So, needless to say, there has been a lot of napping and doing absolutely nothing. I currently have a burst of energy so I’ve done some packing and cleaning but I am curious to see how long this burst is going to last.

So, since I have accomplished hardly anything in my days off this week, I want to show you what I accomplished in my days off last week! It was way too fun!

I already showed you the flowy skirt I made out of a dress. Pretty awesome!
Next I made a dishcloth:


I really liked this pattern so I decided to give it a whirl. Turned out great and I love the color!
Then I made TJ a not slouchy hat. I don’t have a picture of it on his head yet but I have the hat itself.


It is a nice merino wool and will keep his head warm in Denver.

You already saw the first box of packing that I did. I am actually finishing up box number 4. Wow!

Now that I have some spare time again, I decided it was time to have fun with my hair again. It is still a work in progress but here we are at this juncture.

There is blonde on both sides, and in the back. I am looking to put a little bit of blue in there at some point but it has been a long process lightening my reluctant brown hair. No worries, the lightener smells like blueberries, it is awesome!

Anyway, that was the progress I made last week. No such luck this week. It happens.

See ya!

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May 22, 2012 · 10:21 pm

Totally Awesome Tuesday: Peaches and Creme Yarn

So, today is Tuesday yet again. I feel like Monday is just a day I push through and then Tuesday comes and I start to realize how busy my week is. This is when reality sets in a little bit lol.

Last week I talked about how awesome Chaco is. I got to wear my chaco sandals almost all week. It has been a little colder over the last couple days so I have not worn them.

This week I want to talk about my favorite yarn to use, which is Peaches and Creme Yarn. If you have not tried them or have not heard of them, you can either find them at Walmart, or check out their website here.They are made in Canada but it is 100% U.S.A. grown cotton so it is an all natural yarn. I love using organic products and this one has just amazing colors. I have shown you some of the colors that I have around or some that I have used in some of my projects. They are honestly such a great product and their little balls of yarn are not expensive at all.

I used one of their balls of yarn yet again as I finished up my hat this week and as I start my next project today. (It is a secret about what it is.)

This is my newest hat! I just love the colors! They layered on each other so beautifully and I used the Floral Fantasy color twist from Peaches and Creme. It is just a great hat and so color to add to my spring wardrobe. Again, if you want one, I am selling them for $20.

I am also using a nice light blue for my next project this week. This is also from Peaches and Creme. It is such a light and yet strong yarn. I would tell anyone about it and encourage anyone use it for their projects.

Well, I must be off as I do some work around the house, plan my topics for the April Challenge and then head off to work!
See ya!

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New Things

So, I never really noticed before but more and more lately I am starting to realize I love learning new things! I love learning a new technique in knitting or sewing. I love learning a new recipe. I love learning about different areas that have nothing to do with each other or with anything that I normally interested in. I just get so curious and want to try something with my own two hands. I can’t help it.

This week I am home for five days without having to go into work. That is such a huge blessing. I mean money is great but honestly on the days I have to go into work I just feel so depressed going into my job. I am not a fan of where I work or honestly some of the people I work with but that happens at any job really. So, having five whole days to myself has done wonders for my curiosity. I am currently making a new hat, it is different form ones that I have previously done (Pics to come later!). I am also planning to get done a yoga mat carrier. ( That will be knit too!) There are a couple other things I would like to do but those are the two main focal points over the next several days.

Another thing that I have been learning more and more of is cutting hair and lightening it. I have fairly dark hair that does not take to blonde streaks or highlights easily and there are definitely some colors I am looking to put into my hair that will take bleaching first before I can put those colors in. Well, getting this done professionally is super expensive, whereas if I can learn how to properly lighten my hair without being stupid or too damaging, I honestly think I can pull this off really well! So, that is also something I am learning more about over the next several days.

So, all this to say, I am pretty sure I was born to work from home. I am loving this amazing weather we are having and it is bringing on so much inspiration and there is just such a sense of relaxation and peace knowing I do not have to go to work. Well, I am off to keep nursing my sick bearded dragon back to health and continuing to learn some more about knitting and hair dying.

See ya!

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