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Update on Life

Hey guys!

So sorry for not posting a whole lot lately. It has been crazy. I have been super busy with work and then on the days that I actually have off, I am either trying to work on projects or out hiking just trying to find some refreshment from the craziness of working retail. I am realizing more and more that honestly, I am not meant for corporate retail. Things have just so tiring lately. 

Anyway, I can’t remember if I have posted on here about TJ and I starting to run. Did I? Well, if I haven’t, we started running about a month ago. Nothing super fast or anything. I have an app on my phone called Runkeeper and we started a training program that is beginner to 5k. We ran 2 straight miles the other day. I must say I was proud of myself for that. Haha. I have never been a runner but I am realizing more as I get older that it is a great way to stay healthy for a lifetime. A month ago, I could not run 2 straight miles even if you begged me. So, needless to say, TJ, Faelyn and I are having fun running together. Getting all of us in shape. 

I went for a run this morning, and after a particularly bad weekend at work, it was nice to pound out my frustration in some intervals. It really is a great stress reliever as well as exercise. You may not be a runner, but just get out there and move. Running is seriously doing wonders for my energy levels, emotional levels, stress levels, as well as overall fitness. 

Other than that, I did try a new recipe recently. Post to come on that later! 

I have been still reading. I actually put down a book so that I could touch base with you guys! Will make sure my reviews are up to date and my list as well! I can tell you right now, finishing the list on time just isn’t happening lol. I am still pushing for it but honestly, I don’t think I can read that many books. I am so terrible at this whole 52 books thing. I get so distracted and it just does not work out well. 

Anyway, I will most definitely start posting more. Promise!

See ya!

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Y- Yogurt

I have found a new love for yogurt! Noosa is a local brand that is supremely delicious. I eat it plain, I put it in oatmeal. I eat it with fruit. So stinking yummy. The health benefits are also undeniable as well. It is so good for you digestive system. 

It helps keep everything going regularly. It helps keep everything moving smoothly and regularly and allows the system to be healthy. So awesome! 

And so delicious! I have tried the honey flavor and I have the peach and blueberry flavors in my fridge as well! I can’t wait to eat those too! Yum yum yum! 

Do you like yogurt? What is your favorite flavor?


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X- X amount of hours

Days seem to not have enough hours in them lately. Or I am not getting enough sleep. We all need X amount of hours of sleep. Each one of us is different. I most definitely need more sleep than TJ does. I tend to be exhausted more often than TJ. We all need to get the sleep that our bodies need. There is no way we can function properly without it. So, part of living a whole life is getting the amount of sleep necessary to live that life! Don’t try and cram everything into one day. Spread things out and do not stress out. Get some sleep and that will help you tackle your next day so much better!

Also, prioritize…. Don’t try to accomplish everything every day. You can’t. Decide what really must get done today and do that! Save on the stress! It will help you feel better and sleep better. Live life and live it wholly.

See ya!


p.s. btw x is really hard to write for…

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W- Whole Foods

I have a new addiction! Whole Foods is quite possibly the best store ever! There is one right down the street from our new house and TJ and I went in and have decided it is almost as awesome Sprouts. It can be a little pricey but sometimes they have exactly what I am looking for!

I got TJ and smoker/grill the other day and last night we got off kind of early and decided to do cheeseburgers on the grill. We thought we would stop by Whole Foods to get some ground beef and came across the awesome pre-made patties made of three different cuts of beef. It was a must little splurge. They were extremely delicious! They have also had amazing bread and strawberries and eggs.

So far there has not been anything from there that is not extremely delicious! We even tried Quinoa for the first time that we bought from there. Needless to say, I am definitely a fan!

If you have not tried whole foods, you must got and give it a shot!

See ya!


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V- Very delicious and Very healthy!

I love dessert. I feel like we have had this conversation. I love sweets too. Yum yum! So when I stumbled upon this quinoa apple bite recipe, I was sold. It is really pretty healthy for you and it is super tasty! Yum!

You can find the original recipe here.

It is dairy free!


1 Cup cooked quinoa
1 Cup quick oats
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
3 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
1 Tablespoon maple syrup
1 cup chopped apples
2 eggs, lightly beaten

You mix all the ingredients together until just combined. Make sure you add them in order so that the mix well!


The you place about a tablespoon of the mixture or so in a greased mini muffin tin and you bake them for about 15-20 minutes.


Easy and delicious!


Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

See ya!

P.S. sorry about the quality of pictures as of late. I have been taking pictures with my phone because my camera charger cannot be found and when I am out and about I forget to get a new one.


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N- New Car and Noodles!

We have a second car! It was most definitely needed! TJ is starting to do more work at his other job and I am still full-time at REI so we needed a second car. Plus, his job is up more in the mountains so we needed one that was more fuel efficient. We found one! It has been so awesome!
We got a little Honda Fit. Great gas mileage!

Its like a mini mini van. It is awesome!

I also made this awesome recipe called Chicken Spaghetti but there is no red sauce in it. I found it here on pinterest.
It was a little time consuming but once it was all said and done, it was delicious!
I started with the chicken, I needed to precook it. CAM00267

I did that and shredded it up while I was sautéing the veggies.



I love the smell of sautéing onions. I also had the noodles going at this point.


Once they were all done, I mixed them all together with the velveeta mixture and put it in the oven.



I let it bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until golden and juicy. Now, I forgot to take a picture after it came out of the oven because I was too excited to eat it. But I managed to get a picture before we finished this batch!


How yummy! So so yummy!

You really should give it a shot!

See ya!


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K – Killer Meatballs!

I found this delicious recipe on Pinterest! I love spaghetti and meatballs. My mom can tell you, when I was little I would order spaghetti and meatballs and in trying to cut my meatball end up getting it on the table or floor. Thankfully, I have since then been able to keep my meatballs on my plate at least until the go into my tummy! I was looking to make a menu the other day, and decided meatballs was a good idea! And what better way to make meatballs than stuffed with mozzarella!

You can find the original recipe here.

I put all the ingredients together and made sure it was well mixed.


Time to stuff and roll! I put the mozzarella balls in the center and rolled them into balls.
I then placed them on cookie sheets.



We then bake them at 350 degrees for about 30-35 minutes.
They turned out like this…


Oozing mozzarella!! You can’t tell me those do not look delicious!



And I must say, they were amazing!!!! Supremely amazing!! You can’t even begin to understand how delicious those meatballs are. There are some left over that we are going to put into meatball subs. I must say, you have to give these a shot. You will not regret making them.

See ya!


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