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Marriage: A Work in Progress

I know I am only 4 years in, but man have have I learned a lot in those 4 years. I feel like our marriage is something completely different than what it was in the beginning. And you know what? I love it. I love where we are right now. I love the people we have become. I love the man that he has become. I love everything about who we are. Forget about where we are at with jobs or our respective families and just looking at us, I love it so much. There is something so special about the bond between a husband and a wife. It is something I never could have imagined before.

Things I have learned or fallen in love with in my 4 years:

~ Accept each others faults. I have learned that I can’t change my husband. I know, that is so cliche but it is the honest truth. I wouldn’t want to either. His faults make up part of who he is and I wouldn’t change one aspect of who he is. I hope he feels the same way about me haha!

~ Take time just for each other. We go through phases where we spend all our time together or we spend all our time with friends. Taking time with friends helps each other grow but making sure to take time for just each other is pivotal. If you don’t spend time alone with each other especially in the beginning of your marriage, it can put a damper on the intimacy of your relationship.

~ Realize there are things that you share only with your husband or wife. There are some things that are just your little secret. Keep those that way. Or there are hurts shared that need to be kept between the two of you to preserve that trust. Trust me, I have learned this one the hard way.

~ Ladies, don’t be afraid to enjoy your husband. Embrace intimacy, especially physical intimacy. Some of you might be thinking, oh I just don’t think I could enjoy it that much. But trust me, I have seen my marriage falter when I am not interested in him. I have seen other aspects of intimacy be hurt when I am not interested in him. Sometimes it requires an effort on my part, but the connection we have because of it is so worth it!

This is by no means a thorough list, just a few of the top two on my mind currently. I am, scratch that, we are continually growing in our marriage. It is something that takes effort and take grace and mercy and compassion, and love. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What have you learned in your marriages or even just relationships?

See ya!


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37 Ways to Romance Your Husband

I love my husband a lot! Although, we have been married for 3 years and we are definitely not in the honeymoon stage anymore. It happens. I desperately want to keep the spark alive in our relationship and I know it is going to take effort on my part just as much as I want him to romance me. Plus it really just brings joy to my life to see him happy and feeling pursued!

I found this lovely little bit of loveliness from Steph over at Littlebitofparadise about romancing your husband.

I have adjusted the list just a little bit to mirror what my husband loves and I think I am going to do my best to implement them over the next month or so. I will definitely keep you updated on how this goes.

37 Ways To Romance Your Husband

  1. Dress up, primp (makeup, hair) before he comes home from work. Taking care of your physical appearance for his sake, if not for your own, means a lot to a man.
  2. Buy a six-pack of his favorite beer and put it front and center in the fridge with a post-it love note on it. (If he prefers dessert, do the same with a half gallon of his favorite ice cream in the freezer).
  3. Determine your husband’s “love language” and do at least one thing a day for a week that specifically says “I love you” according to his love language (see the book The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman).
  4.  Make him a romantic dinner wearing your favorite apron and his favorite lingerie.
  5. Go on a milkshake date. It is goofy and just a fun way to connect over something yummy!
  6. Go shopping together for new lingerie. Often.
  7. If your husband loves books and/or music: plan a “bookstore date” where you’ll each pick out a new book for the other, or a new CD. Don’t forget coffee and dessert and relaxing convo in the café before you leave!
  8. Leave a lacy unmentionable in his gym bag or briefcase so he’ll find it during the day at work.
  9. Watch his favorite nerdy show with him. Even though it may seem silly or even lame in some ways, watch it with him. He will love it!
  10. Let him sleep in on a weekend.
  11. Order his favorite food and have it delivered just as he gets home for a surprise date night.
  12. Always affirm and compliment him in public. Don’t criticize or belittle, even if your girlfriends are doing it to their husbands at the same gathering.
  13. Let him pick the date, time, location, position. Just make sure he knows you can’t wait. Alternatively turn the tables on him: YOU pick the scenario when he least expects it. Show him that you can’t keep your hands off him!
  14. Let him have time with his guy friends. Don’t nag him to come home right away!
  15. Don’t give him a to-do list on the weekend.
  16. Verbally express your admiration and respect. Often.
  17. Defer to his decisions joyfully. That means without complaining.
  18. Choose to spend a night in with him rather than going out with friends.
  19. Text/email little notes and messages during the work day. Sexy ones and “just cuz” ones.
  20. Book a local hotel room, and take him, candles, wine, and take-out dinner for a romantic escapade neither of you will forget.
  21. Do something active together.
  22. Plan weekly “date night ins”. Order take-out. Rent a movie. Play a game. Just sit on the couch and soak in each other. Whatever makes it a night relaxing and fun for the two of you, but especially for him.
  23. Admire his physique. Verbally express appreciation that he takes care of himself.
  24. Allow him to play his favorite computer/smartphone/video game “guilt free” (i.e., without nagging from the wifey).
  25. Plan an outing for just the two of you doing his favorite outdoor adventure: kayaking, tennis, hiking, trail running, biking, snorkeling, fishing, etc.
  26. Let him pick the movie, TV show, or game. Even if it’s one of those action flicks you can’t stand.
  27. Choose to wear a sexy nightgown to bed vs. the oversized t-shirt and flannels you love so much.
  28. Celebrate his achievements at work, school, etc. Make a big deal out of his accomplishments.
  29. Thank him often for being a good provider and taking such good care of you.
  30. Make eye contact and give full attention to his response after you ask him “So babe, how was your day?”
  31. Pray for his intentions, and make sure he knows you’re his #1 prayer warrior.
  32. Buy a week’s worth of new silky/lacy under things and wear one new item every day for a week. Tell him he has a new surprise to check out at the end of each day. (No Hanes or Fruit of the Looms allowed for this one, ladies!)
  33. Go on a brewery tour or distillery tour. Something he loves and something I love.
  34. Apologize sincerely for something that upset him and ask for his forgiveness. And if he reciprocates with an apology, don’t demand a specific list of what he’s apologizing for. Just accept it. And if you can seal that apology with a hug, a kiss, and perhaps some make-up rough-and-tumble, so much the better.
  35. Verbalize your desire to try something new/adventurous in the bedroom. Or out of the bedroom.
  36. Make his favorite meal. I am one to try new recipes all the time and some of them can be quite strange. Make something he knows and loves. He will be so appreciative of it!
  37. Say “I love you” verbally. At least a bajillion times a day.

What are ways you like to romance your husband? I love finding new ways to show TJ just how much I love him!

See ya!

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Life, Life, and more Life

Wow, so I guess when I said I was back to the land of the living, I was joking? I can’t believe it has been a month already since I have posted last. Crap. Well, I know everyone has busy lives and I shouldn’t be complaining. I honestly just do not know how you guys do it. I cannot seem to keep up with everything. There is work and then there is looking for other work and then there is getting outdoors before it gets too too cold. (We did however already have a dusting of snow!) Then there is all the housework and church and friends. I feel winded just talking about it.

This week I have an excuse though! Not only did I almost my usual 40 hours. I have been sick all week. I spend one of my days off last week sleeping basically. I was sick the whole week. And then yesterday I had to call off of work because I was more sick than I was earlier in the week. Let me just tell you, not a great way to spend your days off.

There was a major shift at work this week. That also made me not really want to do anything else when I got home. Needless to say, it was a shift that is making me wonder why I am still there. I have a feeling I will be keeping an eye out for some different employment. It may not be a right away change but I am less reluctant to look for other work now.

I do have some great stuff I want to post about later this week. So keep an eye out! I do plan (I know I keep saying this) on posting more so hopefully I can keep up with that!

See ya!

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Book Review: I Brake For Yard Sales

I read I Brake For Yard Sales maybe about two weeks ago. It is written by Laura Spencer. She has been on a bunch of tv shows like Antique Roadshow and Good Morning America and whatnot. Honestly, I had never heard of her until I read the book lol. Oops. Anyway, it was really a cute little book. An easy read. I read it in a matter of less than 10 hours. I think less than 6 even. Lots of pictures and fun little tips!

Likes: I really loved some of her ideas. Loved loved loved some of her decor. Some of her finds were just amazing! She also was a great communicator. Easy to read and follow along. She did not jump all over the place, which was nice. Again, great pictures!

Dislikes: She was very focused on glam and a “clubby” feel. If you haven’t noticed, that is most definitely not the look I am going for. Glam or “clubby” does not really described my lifestyle. Lol! I wish she had shown other styles, but she lives in LA and that is more her style. 

Overall: I really enjoyed the book! She had great ideas and inspired me a little to mix and match with my own decor. I am definitely looking forward to having some fun with my own space! You should definitely check the book out! It is a fun read!

See ya!

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U- Understanding the Need to Get Away

Life can be so stinking stressful sometimes. My husband and I both work in retail and we have a huge sale coming up so the store is getting a little more stressful. I am changing departments and that requires new training and understanding of different products. Then there are so many other things pulling us in different directions too that sometimes stress just becomes overwhelming. I and I think most people tend to recuperate best when they get away. I love going away for a whole week or weekend or a couple weeks if I’m lucky. But we could even just go away for a couple of hours.

Today was such a nice day in Denver, there was no way I staying at home worrying or stressing about the amount of stuff that needed done. We went to Red Rocks Amphitheater! There is a park there with a mile and a half long trail. Perfect for my little man and I to spend the day! It got us away from home and away from the pullings of life for a couple of hours. We threw the top down on the jeep and we were on our way. It was the best way to recuperate and keep me going through this next week. So awesome! Faelyn was particularly fond of it as well. I pulled out his harness and he went crazy knowing that we were going out and going to be out for a while. We only pull out his harness when we are going to take him hiking or climbing with us. He loves it!

CAM00450 CAM00451 CAM00455


Those are just a couple of my favorite shots from today! The formations were beautiful! The weather was beautiful and only 15 minutes from my house! Love it!

Get out and Get away!

See ya!


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S- Strawberry Jelly

Oh my goodness, thank goodness it is Friday right guys? I am so far behind on the challenge, I am sorry. I legitimately have not been home this week except to sleep. If I wasn’t at work, I was celebrating someone’s birthday or with some friends or doing this or that. I have not had a day to stop and just recuperate and refresh. Thankfully, today is that day! So you might see a bombardment of posts to catch up for the challenge today. You have been warned!

Almost two weeks ago I made some strawberry jelly. So stinking yummy! I had never made homemade jelly so this was definitely an experiment. Then earlier this week I made strawberry jelly again but with a twist from the first recipe. I am still figuring out this whole process, but this recipe is actually made in the crockpot. You can find the original recipe here. So easy and so yummy!

So the first time, I did:

2 pounds of strawberries
3 cups of sugar (4 seemed a little much to me)
1/4 cup of lemon juice
some pectin

I cooked it for about four hours in the crockpot. I stirred it a couple of times. But when I was done, I did not quite have the consistency I wanted. So, I threw it in my ninja. hehehe. Blended it a little and then we were good. It was exactly what I was hoping for!


At the beginning….


Sorry about the glare but you can see it is all bubbly and delicious at the end.




It made a really good amount. I ended up separating it up and freezing part of it so that it will last longer. I cannot eat that much jelly that quickly otherwise lol.

This week, I switched up the recipe a little. I don’t have pictures because they are essentially the same.
I was going to make peach strawberry jelly but my peaches ended up being no that great. So, instead I did this:

2 pounds of strawberries
3 cups of sugar
lemon juice (I just kind of squirted it in there, I did not measure this time)
half an apple all chopped up.

This batch was honestly better than the first. The apples added this little nuance to it that just made it fantastic! It is also a little sweeter. I did not really get the whole pectin package the first time and so this time, knowing that apples are natural sources of pectin, I went for that instead.

Oh my goodness, so stinking delicious! As more fruits come into season, I will definitely be experimenting more with making jelly. I am going to definitely need to get some more containers though. hehehe.

Have you tried making jelly? Have any favorites or suggestions?

See ya!


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L- Love Me Some Ice Cream!

As I may have mentioned, I love ice cream! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The only time I ever refuse ice cream is if I am feeling particularly queasy. But, I love ice cream! I like most flavors! I love adding things, including edible bowls that I can eat them out of. So, when I saw this post on pinterest, I knew I had to try it!

Sugar cookie cups! It was originally used for fruit cups but I figured ice cream would taste just as good. And it did. 🙂

So I took the log of cookie dough partially out of the package and sliced it in circles. I then placed them on an upside down cupcake pan. I only made four because there is only TJ and I. CAM00281

I did not push them down around the edge or anything. Just set it on top.



I put it in the oven at 350 degrees. I just kind of kept an eye on them, I did not keep track of the time. My bad.


I just waited until they were getting golden. They smelled delicious!

CAM00285 CAM00286

Perfect for one scoop of ice cream! So yummy and so much fun!

Give it a shot!

See ya!


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I – Infused Water

I have found a new favorite trick to drinking more water! Coming from soda that has so much flavor, it is hard to just go to plain water, right?! Well, hold on to your seats because I have come to find the solution! Infused (or flavored) water! I got the idea originally from Pinterest. There is a picture here. No recipe, just a picture that brought about some inspiration!

It is strawberry mint unfused water! Two of my favorite flavors!

I decided to do it for work, to help me drink more during the day.

So I took my Nalgene….


I cut up a couple strawberries and some mint, and poured very cold water in it. I think one day I did ice and the other day I didn’t. Both days very flavorful!

It definitely helped me to drink more throughout the day. Seriously, so delicious!

Give it a go! How do you try to drink more water?

See ya!


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H- Ham and Cheese Pretzel Bites

Oh my goodness, I am excited about this post. I love pretzels. I love ham. I also greatly love cheese. I could stop right there and we would be set. But I found this recipe that is to die for. Granted I am not perfect when it comes to the kitchen so some of these pictures resemble my imperfections. Bear with me. They were super tasty though.

You can find the original recipe here.

Her pictures are wayyyyyy better. Even she admits though that she had some trials and tribulations with her batch.


There you can see I have the dough all mixed and let it sit and rise for about a couple of hours.



After it was done rising, I rolled it out in semi-thin sheets. Seriously, my prowess in the kitchen is unparalleled.


I then put the ham bits and shredded cheese in the middle of the sheets. This next part was not easy. I must say.



You then need to TIGHTLY roll it up. Mine was not tight enough…. my contents were spilling in the next step.  Cut them into pieces.

You then need to boil them in baking soda water. This is where those rolls needed to be rolled tightly. The ham was all in the bottom of my pot. Oh well.

You then bake them for about 15 minutes. When they are nice and golden, brush with some butter and sprinkle with some chunky salt. And you get this!


Again, not an easy task. Delicious, but not easy. I might try my hand at just some regular pretzels next time. We shall see.


See ya!

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G- Greens

Summer is coming! Well, maybe after this “blizzard” that is supposed to roll through tomorrow. Oh Denver in the spring time. You know what that means, fresh fruits and VEGGIES!!! I am so excited! I have been finding new recipes throughout the year for veggies all kind of ways. Fresh vegetables will be the best way to implement these recipes. 

It is also inspiring me to eat more veggies and live a healthier lifestyle. As I have said before, spring is a time of refreshment and a time to rejuvenate. Veggies are a great way to bring that about to your health this spring and summer.

I am going to be growing some herbs and hopefully some green beans this year. It will take some time but I want to gradually grow a garden so that I can have my own fresh vegetables. Yay! 

Are you excited for fresh veggies and fruits this summer?!

See ya!


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