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April 27: A Song You Make Fun Of

This is the start of my three days off. (Not including a short little meeting I have tonight.) Unfortunately, all three days are kind of dreary. It rained this morning and has been super overcast and kind of chilly all day. It is supposed to stay like this for the next couple of days. Although, you know what that means? Plenty of reading time!!! I finished a book this morning and started on another one already. I also realized I was craving some potato soup, so I ran to the store and got the ingredients. Best decision I made today! It was so yummy!!! Tomorrow I should hopefully get some TJ time. And then who knows what Tuesday has in store for me!

April 27: A Song You Make Fun Of

Baby by Justin Bieber

Oh the Biebs…. That’s all I have to say about that… LOL!

See ya!

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