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W is for Why I Blog

Ok, I know that this post is several days late but my weekend was super crazy! What with working, homework, internship, meetings, and more homework it was just a whirl of a weekend. But here is the post nonetheless.

So, I have had several friends ask me recently, why do I blog?

I gave them the typical vague answer of its fun. While that is definitely part of my answer, I think there is more to it than that. I blog for a lot of reasons.
One of them is that I love learning something new and sharing what I am learning with other people. I seriously love learning new knitting techniques, new climbing moves or techniques, new recipes, new places to visit, a better way to start a business, etc. I just love finding out how other people do things. So, not only am I learning but I love to share my findings with other people. I am not someone who can just keep something that I just figured out to myself. I am constantly telling my husband about a new recipe or a new technique I learned in knitting (poor TJ).

Another reason why I blog kind of goes along with the first one, it gives me an opportunity to find people with similar interests and who are much better at doing some things than I am. I can go and read their blogs and find out more about how they do certain things and learn from them. It provides me with such a wide variety of outlets to learn from that I love it!

I also love the community that comes with blogging. Fifteen to twenty years ago there was no blogging. We did not have this outlet to see how other people live their lives all around the world. We did not have this way of communicating with people we had never met in person. There are people that I have met through blogging that I would not have had any other chance of meeting. You really get to know all kinds of different people who lead different lives than you and that is just wonderful to me! I love meeting new people and hearing their stories and taking part in their lives and this is just one way that I can do that.

I also love to blog because it gives me a creative outlet to where I can share what I’m learning with who I am meeting, and I can also talk about current projects and life in general. It helps me get out some of my talking so that I do not keep my husband up too late talking about what I’m learning. Although, some days I start reading other peoples blogs and finding out more and more cool stuff and then those nights I feel bad because I do not shut up to my husband.

Blogging is just fun! It is a great outlet and a great way to meet new people and a great way to build a business. I would recommend blogging to just about everyone!

See ya!

P.S. Here is my progress on my Epic Blanket of Insanity

Its comin along!

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New Things

So, I never really noticed before but more and more lately I am starting to realize I love learning new things! I love learning a new technique in knitting or sewing. I love learning a new recipe. I love learning about different areas that have nothing to do with each other or with anything that I normally interested in. I just get so curious and want to try something with my own two hands. I can’t help it.

This week I am home for five days without having to go into work. That is such a huge blessing. I mean money is great but honestly on the days I have to go into work I just feel so depressed going into my job. I am not a fan of where I work or honestly some of the people I work with but that happens at any job really. So, having five whole days to myself has done wonders for my curiosity. I am currently making a new hat, it is different form ones that I have previously done (Pics to come later!). I am also planning to get done a yoga mat carrier. ( That will be knit too!) There are a couple other things I would like to do but those are the two main focal points over the next several days.

Another thing that I have been learning more and more of is cutting hair and lightening it. I have fairly dark hair that does not take to blonde streaks or highlights easily and there are definitely some colors I am looking to put into my hair that will take bleaching first before I can put those colors in. Well, getting this done professionally is super expensive, whereas if I can learn how to properly lighten my hair without being stupid or too damaging, I honestly think I can pull this off really well! So, that is also something I am learning more about over the next several days.

So, all this to say, I am pretty sure I was born to work from home. I am loving this amazing weather we are having and it is bringing on so much inspiration and there is just such a sense of relaxation and peace knowing I do not have to go to work. Well, I am off to keep nursing my sick bearded dragon back to health and continuing to learn some more about knitting and hair dying.

See ya!

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