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Health Update

Alrighty, so not much has changed in the past couple of days but I am starting to make some plans.

Plans are always good to have. I am a planner, an organizer, have slight OCD. It happens.

Anyway, the first thing that I am going to use to really kickstart my health takeover is by participating in Emily Schromm’s 7-Day Pregame Challenge.

It is a free 7-day mini version of her 21-Day Superhero Challenge. If you have not done that one, it is a great warm up to that challenge and will give you a taste of what to expect. The 7-day challenge is also free! Yay! I love free!

So, this challenge starts Monday, November 28th. That gives you time to enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend and then get back into gear with where you want to be weight wise.

TJ and I are both going to do. We need a nice jumpstart before I start devouring all of the holiday goodies!

If you want to join in this madness, check out this link!

You can get registered there! If you do sign up, let me know and we can stay motivated together!

I am also going to start moving more before and after this challenge, as well as starting to eat better, but I haven’t made plans for that yet. Hoping the challenge will provide some inspiration!

What gets you most motivated to workout?!

What is your motivation for getting healthier?

See ya!


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J- Just Do It!

Ok, I know this phrase is used all over. Nike has really put it to good use. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but it is a really good saying.

I make up so many excuses to not exercise. I am too tired, I’m sore from work, I’m busy. You know, you have probably done the same thing. We just need to shut and just do it! right? Easier said than done, I know. But honestly, this season, I want to just do it! Who is with me?!

Here is a picture for some motivation:


Have a good weekend!

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