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Home Sweet Home!

So I have finally gotten around to getting pictures of all of my house! I have wanted to make sure the house looks halfway decent before I showed you pictures of it. Here is the big reveal! Tada!


Here it is!
Our Home!







Here is our living room. That is the front door in the background.


Off to the side of the living room is the little dining nook. The light is great there!



Picture is a little dark but that is my kitchen. Love it!



The master bedroom, there is a closet off on the left. You can see the backyard and garage through the back window. There is also a side window!


The guest bedroom/office/storage lol. It provided a great space to put that big desk we got at the thrift store last year!



There is a closet and some boxes in there currently. Working on getting some more bookshelves. We have a lot of books!


Bathroom next to the master bedroom with my super cute ikea shower curtain!



A little bit smaller sink than we had in the apartment but I have my own house so its totally ok!


Stairwell to the basement! Look at the cute red door! Love it!


The basement. Currently the storage center.


The backyard. Completely fenced in. Needs some landscaping and work but it makes it so easy so let the dog out.



There is a little shed in the backyard as well. Yay!


Back of the garage and a fence entrance.



Front of the garage!

Well there you have it. A little late but hey life gets to you sometimes right?

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

See ya!


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I’m back… and… Happy Anniversary!!!

Hey guys!

I am finally back! I know it has been a while. I can’t believe I missed the one year Anniversary of the blog! What?! I had definitely been thinking about it before I moved and then life got in the way. Sorry about that. Anyway, we are all moved in to the new house. Pictures to come very soon. I promise. Not this post but definitely soon!

But anyway, Happy anniversary to us! I plan on being more consistent this year and post more relevant posts. This past year has been great and I am looking forward to another year with you guys!

But for now, I have tried a new recipe and am here to show you just that!

Cinnamon Toast Twists:

12 slices of very soft, fresh white bread
1/4 cup (half a stick) melted butter
cinnamon sugar (1/2 C sugar + 1 teaspoon cinnamon)

Super simple and easy to whip up for breakfast.


I flattened out the bread, like the recipe calls for.


Then I spread both sides with melted butter. ( I did not say this recipe was healthy)



Sprinkled one side with cinnamon sugar. ( My sweet tooth is loving this!)


I folded the sides in and rolled it up. Not as easy as it sounds.



Definitely make sure you put them in the mini cupcake sheet so that they stay shut. Otherwise they will open and you will have an even bigger mess.

I only did six pieces of bread for just TJ and I.


All golden and delicious!



Cinnamon twists and eggs! Yummy!

I have tried a couple other recipes but forgot to take pictures! Will take pictures next time and will get those pictures up soon!

See ya!

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Make-Up Fun!

Ok, so I have not done a make-up post in a while. I find eye shadow combos that I love all the time on pinterest and it is fun giving them a shot sometimes. I usually go for a minimalist look. A little liner, some blush, foundation, and lip balm. This one is still pretty neutral but it added a little bit to the eyes.

Here is the link for the original eye make-up combo:

Like I said fairly neutral, just a little bit to give the eyes a little pop.

I ended up going just a little lighter than what she posted. It just happened that way, lol.


Not the greatest picture, but you get the point. Light with a little brown on the edges and lined with black. I threw in some purple mascara but you can’t really tell especially in the picture.
What do you think?
Update on the house:
Everything is almost set to move in next week. Hopefully no more hiccups. One week from today we close! What?!

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Ok so everyone makes resolutions in 2013. Well, almost everyone. I can’t say that I made any solid resolutions, I just decided that I want my life to include a couple of things this year! I know its a little late to talk about how I want this year to look, but we gotta spread it out so that we don’t get overwhelmed  by everyone posting about New Year’s resolutions all at once, right?

So here it goes!

What I want out of this year:

1. update my blog and make it more consistent. I want to provide better content for you. I want it to be more consistent. I want to talk about what you want to talk about. What are some things you would like to see on this blog? Honestly. More recipes? More outdoor adventures? More DIY? Other items?

2. Get my etsy shop up and running. I have loved the idea of owning my own business for a while. I love making things with my hands. Making things and scheduling my own hours and interacting with customers who are buying something I made, how cool would that be?!

3. Read more. I still have yet to finish Anna Karenina. I need to just sit down and focus! Haha! This whole 52 books in 52 weeks thing is definitely harder than I thought. lol!

4. Get back in shape. I will admit it, I have gotten a little soft. I am not a fan of that. So, I am not making a resolution to lose so much pounds, but just to start getting back in shape and living a healthier lifestyle.

So, now that we are moving and will have our own place hopefully soon, I feel inspired to get moving! We are still waiting to hear about when we are going to move in so I will give some pictures of our new place when that has been fully resolved.

What do you want out of this year? What are you goals?


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Our Move Out!


Ok, so I have kind of big news! At the end of this month we will be moving out of this little one bedroom apartment and be moving into our own home! We are buying a home. It is not huge or anything but it will be ours and we will not have an upstairs neighbor or be sharing walls with anyone! Not going to lie, I’m kind of excited! Tomorrow is our inspection so please be praying that everything checks out okay. It is such a huge deal! So excited! But moving means packing and weeding out, which I know I just did a couple of months ago but it must be done, you know?

I started going through the pictures on my camera just because I had not gone through them in a while. I then realized I did not post about our move out to the west. I figured even though it is a little late, with the new move coming it was appropriate to finally put some pictures up from our move out west!











First state to cross into was WV! Yay! Must say, it is such a beautiful state!











Columbus! We are getting further out west! What?!


Ohio! Gradually crossing the states!



This is how Faelyn spent the trip. Either sitting tall, looking around or completely spread out in the back seat fast asleep. He was such a trooper for such a long drive! Love him!


I kind of fell asleep when we were in Indiana so I forgot to take a picture of the sign, but here is Illinois. I know, it is hard to see but I got it! Haha!



Thought this was great! Haha! I totally want to follow the truck into a construction zone! I wonder if someone has actually done that?!









Missouri! Gettin there!











I think the arch is just really pretty!


We made a stop at a Chick-Fil-A which we were more than excited for because Altoona does not have Chick-Fil-A. It made our day!


We then hit Kansas. Not my favorite state. Actually, maybe my least favorite state.


Although, we saw these things that flashed over each lane when you were going too fast! So awesome!










But Kansas, is tooooooo flat… It is seriously 8 hours at least of nothing to drive across before you even hit Colorado!

I must have been asleep or couldn’t find my camera or something for the Colorado sign. Oh well! We are here and we are loving it. 2013 is bringing in another move but hopefully the last one for a while!





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Update on the Goings On In the Parnell Household

So much and yet not so much has been happening in the Parnell household this week. TJ started working in the store on Monday. He is loving it already. He is a natural born salesman especially when it comes to products that he loves and uses as it is. He loves being able to just talk with people and not be standing in one place all night long. It is so nice to see him significantly happier here than he was at the Distribution Center. There are also more people here with a firm belief in Christ and a desire for Outdoor Ministry, which is also making him that much more happy.

I start this coming Tuesday hopefully. The lady that can put me in the system is on vacation and so I can’t be hired until she gets back and can put me in the system. Crazy huh? Oh well, it is giving me another week to make this place home, to knit, to read, and to keep working on that rug. The Lord is providing and guiding and so I am not worried at all.

I know I mentioned several weeks ago that I was going to start reading 52 books from July 1, 2012 – July 1, 2013. Well, that obviously did not start yet. I was not thinking originally and did not realize that that would be the time when I was getting ready to move and moving across the country. So, I changed the dates a little bit and decided to move it up to August 1, 2012-August 1, 2013. That way I can continue compiling my list and can finish getting things put together around the apartment and what not. So, again if there is any suggestions you have in regards to what I should read, please give me some suggestions. If you want to know more about the new challenge and section or what kind of books I am looking to read check out the original post here. 

So, anyway, TJ is home and I am off to spend my evening with him.
See ya!


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We are (mostly) Moved In!!!

Hey guys,

I know that it has been a while since I have posted. But as I have mentioned many times over, my hubby, my puppy, and I have all packed up, said good-bye to the East Coast and rode off into the sunset as we started our new adventure in Aurora (currently), Colorado! Well, we are here in our new apartment. We moved in on Saturday and first priority was dishes (so we could have breakfast the next morning) and the bed. After that, we took some time to just check out our surroundings. Since then, we have gotten most of our belongings unpacked. There are just a couple boxes of books and my grandmother’s dishes that just do not have a home yet. So, even though our house is in a bit of disarray, I thought I would give you a quick tour and thank everyone for their prayers and support as we ventured out here.

Here is my kitchen! It is nice to have a full size fridge and a dishwasher and more counter space than I was working with before. We have definitely enjoyed using the space in this kitchen already.

Here is our dining room, we are on the look-out for a cheap (yet sturdy) dining room table, so thus we have been eating elsewhere at the moment.

Also on the look-out for a couch and bookshelves. No biggie. We were improvising with the crash-pads as our make-shift couch yesterday lol.

I did take the time to decorate my mantle though lol. My bottles with coffee in the bottom and some candles, our unity rock, and some lights. This picture honestly does not do justice of how cute it is.

The bedroom. You can’t see it, but we did get a new bed frame from IKEA that has drawers in the bottom. We love it already lol. Also, one lamp we got at IKEA as well. We intend to get another one, just haven’t picked it up yet.

There is also plenty of room in the bedroom for the tv and some shelving.

Ok, so it would not let me rotate the picture, but we have a nice walk-in closet. Love having the space in there. I have yet to do laundry as you can tell there lol. Don’t mind the pile.

Also unable to rotate this one,  but we have a nice little bathroom vanity area.

I have a full tub!!! I cannot wait to take a bath in it! Having room to shave my legs and just shower without bumping into the walls in definitely nice.

Here is our front door. We are on the bottom floor and our neighbors upstairs and really all around us are quiet and clean. It is nice to not have to worry or get annoyed with neighbors for their noise or trash or what have you. It was definitely something I was worried about.

And there we are, 107. 🙂

We are definitely enjoying exploring a new area and really a new way of life for the three of us. We have found our favorite grocery store already. It is called Sprouts and is a natural/organic grocery store. Their produce is inexpensive and honestly phenomenal. We have more produce in our fridge than we ever did in Altoona, and we are eating it and loving it.
We have explored several of the shopping malls in the area. Its fun to check out stores that I have seen online and can now look at in person.
We have checked out the store we will be working in and met with the boss who is super chill. We also checked out the Denver flagship store which is amazingly cool. TJ will probably get to work there on a regular basis.

We have also come to realize that when we do buy a house in the coming months that we need to move more westward, toward Littleton/Englewood area so that not only can we be closer to work but also closer to some state parks and some mountains.

The weather has been in the 70’s and 80’s and our boss says it is the norm, so I’ll take it. We have had thunderstorms the majority of the days we have been here which always makes me happy.

Overall, we love it here and are coming to the conclusion that we may never leave.

See ya!


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It’s Almost Moving Day!

So, today we are finishing packing before we head up to the pool to hang out with my in-laws for the fourth or July! We move in the morning. I honestly cannot even believe it right now. So crazy how fast everything has gone and how God has just opened doors for us to get there and live in an apartment complex that is safe and work at a job together and just enjoy life together. I am so thankful for the prayers and support you guys have given us as we prepare for this trip! 

Expect updates as we make our way across the country and settle into this new adventure!

See ya! 

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On My Mind Lately…

Today I got a wonderful letter from a friend who just arrived in another country today and will spend a year there with the International Justice Mission. She messaged me on facebook a couple days ago asking for my address, I was kind of bewildered because it had been some time since we had talked but I was glad to be catching up with her. So, needless to say, she had automatically been on my mind since I knew I was getting something in the mail from her. I had forgotten that I was following her blog and was already aware that she was going to Uganda. (Doh!) But, after reading her letter and reading her blog post about her safe arrival in Uganda, it got me thinking. 

She just moved across the world. I have been so wrapped up cleaning, and packing and repeat those steps a billion more times. I sit down for a quick pinterest break or a quick facebook stalking break. (Shhhh, don’t tell.) But other than that, I am not keeping up with anyone, I have not been reading the blogs that I follow (Sorry). Hearing from her and seeing her blog post got me out of my head today and reminded me of the reason we are moving to Denver in the first place. 

We are not just moving there because it is an awesome place to live. (Which I have heard it will be.) We are moving there to go to Seminary. Let me give you a quick little background into the dreams TJ and I have one day. We want to open up a camp. Not just your run of the mill summer camp kind of deal, but rather one that takes teenagers or whomever or longer trips into the woods or mountains or just away from the routine of life and the bonds of technology. We want people to get out of the way so that God can do what He wills and so that He can speak to us. I am sure a more traditional summer camp will be part of what we do to help get us off the ground but we have a dream to reach people and get them out of themselves. And who knows, that may extend internationally at some point. I know I would like that. 🙂 

Our ultimate goal is to serve God and give Him the glory and that is why we are going to Denver, to go to Seminary to better serve Our Father and lead others into His creation. I just need to keep that in mind while I am busy packing and cleaning and slightly stressing. 

See ya!

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Packing, Packing, and More Packing

This past week or so has been so super busy. I have just been packing anything and everything into boxes. I have been cleaning. (You should see my bathroom, it has never looked this clean.) I just keep scrubbing and packing. I took down all of our posters off the walls yesterday, and I am telling you, our apartment is looking super sparse. It hardly feels like our apartment now. Just wow. I have almost everything packed except for the stuff that we use everyday.

Today, I was on the lookout for a cosmetic bag. I have been dragging all of my shampoo, conditioner, and other everyday necessities in ziploc bags. Needless to say, not very classy. Not very womanly at all. So, i was on the hunt for something to carry my items around. I did not want something too boring pattern-wise and also not something too small. I finally came across this one that is perfect for exactly what I am in need of.
Definitely looks more adult like, without going overboard. Something simple and cheap and exactly perfect for my uses. Yay!

However, on the search around town for a cosmetic bag, I found these awesome fake birkenstocks. I love the look of these shoes and I love how comfortable they are. However, on a newly married budget, birkenstocks can be a little pricey. But when you find a fake pair that are just as comfortable for less than $15 at Ross, I say DIBS! I snagged them up and have not taken them off since I bought them. So comfy!
 Yay shoes!

I also finished up knitting my coffee cozy! I just have to get some awesome (organic) wooden buttons, and maybe we will put up a post on Etsy? First store posting? I just might do that. Do you like coffee cozys so that your hands don’t get burnt by how hot the coffee is?
Finished knit project, not so great picture, but better ones will come later. Must find buttons! Any suggestions?

Well, I am off to more cleaning and packing.
Look how many boxes and how empty my apartment is getting!
So many boxes, and so much cleaning!!! And yet so much more to do! Wow!

I’m off to keep working!
See ya!

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