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Time to Stop Avoiding

Alrighty, well I have really been avoiding the blog lately because I keep saying, Oh I need to post about Hawaii. That task just seems so daunting right now lol. We took so many pictures and did so many things that it seems like such a monster to tackle. I am not sure how I feel about tackling said monster at this point. So, instead of avoiding the blog I am just going to continue blogging. Fun things happen everyday and I miss talking with you guys! Hawaii will come, I do promise that. I am just not quite sure at what time. First thing to do is find the SD card with all the pictures. I think I might have misplaced it. Oops!

We are now into the month of October! Yay! I am so happy and ready for all of the fall weather and fashions. Not gonna lie, the more layers the better! Love it! I have made my first pumpkin chocolate chip bread of the season. So yummy! I got the recipe here. You should definitely give it a shot! It was a hit at the little friend gathering I went to as well, so it wasn’t just me munching away at this deliciousness! Are you guys excited about the changing weather as well? Or is that just a me thing?

Also, we have snowcapped mountains now! I love the Colorado mountains all year long, but they are especially beautiful when they are snowcapped. When it is sunrise, the sun reflects off of them often in pink and purple colors that just cannot be beat. Seeing the snow up there means that some of the ski mountains will be starting their season soon. That is music to my ears! We have started getting our ski gear in at work and I could not be happier. It is giving me the itch to get out there and “shred some gnar”.

Cooler weather means Faelyn and I get out a little more. It is so hard to take a husky outside when it is blazing hot. But we are now going hiking a couple times a week. That keeps him from getting destructive as is the tendency of bored huskies. I love seeing all the colors and getting a good cardio session in at the same time. You just cannot go wrong with a good hike!

Well, I’m off to enjoy this beautiful weather! Hope your fall is starting off awesome!

See ya!

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March 30: Yourself 30 Days Later

Well, this challenge has been fun. I get a day of rest before I start the next one. Keep an eye for the start of the next challenge on April 1! But here is the last picture for the March 30 day challenge!

March 30: Yourself 30 Days Later

Photo on 3-30-14 at 4.03 PM #2


Not the greatest picture but I just got back from mountain biking and wanted to make sure I got this post done before spending some much needed one on one with TJ  tonight 🙂

See ya!


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March 7 & 8: Silhouette and Something Close Up

Ok, so I missed yesterday. It was super hard to come up with something so instead I will use my brother-in-law’s  picture that is as silhouette as I could find. Lol!



And then something close up….



This is something from a hike earlier last year. I love close up flower pictures 🙂

See ya tomorrow!

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Back to the Land of the living!

I’m back! I have slacked so much on this lately. I’ve really slacked on a lot besides work. I was feeling it this morning. I had been putting so much focus and thought into work and nothing else that it had really just gotten me down. I was so very aware of how much I need a work life balance. Also that I didn’t have it! Haha! But, I have come back and I promise I will do my best to be more regular on here! I have some great ideas for posts coming down the line so I can’t wait for you guys to see them!

Do you guys have something that you want to see on the blog? Or more of on the blog?

Today, on my completely free day off, I decided to go hiking. I thought I was going to go hiking in Alderfer/ Three Sisters open space park… Well then, I must have parked near a beehive because a massive amount of bees decided to chase me around the parking lot. Needless to say, that made me not want to hike there the rest of the day. So, instead we went to Red Rocks. I got some more pretty pictures. Love it! It was a nice short hike but we drove down from Evergreen along Bear Creak. The creek is usually a nice low creek. Nothing crazy. Driving alongside today, it was super high and super fast. It was white water. So ridiculous!

Anyway, there was a lot of damage done by these floods, so keep the families in your prayers that were affected by these floods!

Here is the pictures from Red Rocks:








They may a little bit blurry, but I love Red Rocks. So beautiful up there!

See ya!

P.S. This showed up in my email today. Check out this link to get the info and join the Automattic WorldWide WP 5k. I’m totally going to do it! You should join me! It’s coming up!

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Book Review: God in the Wilderness

So, I was able to get one more book in before the end of July. I just have not had the time to write about it. Ever since moving to Colorado and especially this summer where on my days off I am tired of being at home sitting, I keep finding myself outside more and more. Hiking, climbing, Zip lining, you name it. So when I would have normally been reading or blogging or pinning, I would much rather be outside in this beautiful state, which is why my blog has been slacking lately. But I am still working on the book list, I promise!

After reading God in the Wilderness by Rabbi Jamie S. Korngold, I was struck even more by how much I want to live life outside. She has great points of how Jesus did a lot of his ministry outside, and how God appeared to Moses and others outside. Not necessarily in church or synagogue but outside in His creation, not man’s creation. Church is great and we need that time of worship and fellowship with other believers, but she really brings it home that why are we worshipping in man’s creation and not God’s? Anyway, here are the pros and cons.

Likes: This book really challenged you to meet with your Creator outside. We need to get away from life and just meet with Him face to face and it is so much easier to do it in His creation that it is in a building or amongst hundreds of other people sometimes. She had great points. The book was easy to read and connect with. It was a quick read. I loved the whole book.

Dislikes: She and I did not necessarily agree on some finer points of theology. She is a Rabbi and very orthodox in her Judaism. I’m not bashing the Jews, because they are God’s chosen people but there are just some added “books of the Bible” that I don’t agree are part of the Bible. There was a couple of other points that I can’t remember currently but that was the only dislike of the book.

I recommend reading this book. It is such a great challenge to get outside and worship God in His creation. Realize he is a God who loves you and wants you to enjoy His creation. It is definitely a book to read over and over again!

See ya!

P.S. Update on life coming soon I promise!


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Monday: Weekend Update!

This past weekend was my birthday weekend! It was on Friday and my hubby had the whole day planned out. He is amazing! First he let me sleep in, which was much appreciated. 

Then we made our way to Pittsburgh. I love the city of Pittsburgh. If we were not moving to Denver here in just over two weeks, I would make us move closer to Pittsburgh. First of all, it is just a great city and it is really beautiful if you like slightly run down but making a come back kind of places. But anyway, we went to Pittsburgh to go to our favorite climbing gym. It has this massive bouldering area which is exactly the type of climbing that we love. We spent several hours in there just climbing to our hearts content. We definitely realized that we are not nearly as good of climbers as we thought. I mean we knew we were not great but I at least felt like I could be better. We are hoping that once we move to Denver, we can find a great gym to get involved in. We want to climb on a much more regular basis. 

After we were exhausted enough from climbing, we went closer to the heart of Pittsburgh and hit up the REI store and Cheesecake factory there. I could not help but being giddy while I was walking through REI because I know that I will be working there in three weeks! So excited! Just knowing that I will be working in an environment that I actually like and knowing that I get those pro deals just makes me super super excited! 
Then we hit up the Cheesecake Factory. MMMMMMM That place has delicious food. I had their chicken parm sandwich. So yummy! Yay! Then I had the Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple cheesecake. Dude, it has butterfingers and reese’s in it. What is there not to love about that cheesecake?! 

After that, he surprised me with a trip to the Drive-in to see Madagascar 3 and Snow White and the Huntsman. Oh my word. So awesome! I love the drive-in and he could not have picked a better ending to the night! Both movies were awesome! 

Overall, I could not have had a better Birthday date day with my hubby! That led in to the rest of the weekend which was work work work work. 

Well, I am off to eat and continue packing up my house! Yay moving!

See ya!

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R is for Rockclimbing

How ironic is it that the day we are supposed to blog about R is the day my husband and his friends plan for us to go rock climbing? Haha! 

Today was the first time we have been rock climbing in a while. It had just been so cold and I am not a cold weather climber unless it is in a gym that is warmer. But anyway, that is beside the point. Today, was so good to get out and rock climb. I meant to take more pictures, but I just had too much fun climbing and enjoying the fresh spring air. I took a couple and will show you those pictures first and then I will post some other pictures from previous rock climbing expeditions. I realized just how long it had been since I had rock climbed. My fingers were definitely not wanting to hold me to the wall today. Haha! Time to get back out there and climb more so that I can get my strength back up. Waitressing definitely keeps the strength up in my arms and hands but not my fingers. 

Here are the pictures from today!


Faelyn heard turkeys down in the valley and was ready to go hunt them down. Haha! He was perched up there for about ten minutes just listening and ready to pounce.


TJ carrying the crash pads with the dog almost pulling him down the hill. They were both super happy to be out and are now both pooped after running around. 


This is at one of our favorite climbing places at school. It used to be an old rail road bridge. But the bridge became too unstable for a train to go across and so they moved it over and the old pillars still stand and are owned by the Lynchburg Climbing Club. It is just wonderful and so much fun to climb. On this one we definitely use rope. 


This was just a couple of months ago and the place we were at today, Hunter Rocks. We do not use rope here because the rocks are not very high and so landing on crash pads are all that is necessary to break our fall. We love bouldering. 

Time to go shower off and get ready to go out for dinner with my hubby!

See ya!


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Totally Awesome Tuesday: Crashpads (A-Z Challenge continued)

Well, today is the third day of the April A-Z Challenge and I am continuing to keep with the lettters and my awesome product to talk about today is crashpads. They are very essential in my life especially during the warmer months. They are big squishy pieces of foam that are put at the bottom of a rock wall and if you wall when you are bouldering (climbing on a smaller surface without ropes) then that piece of foam is there to break your fall instead of the hard ground. It is super important to make sure those crash pads are placed under the climber because if they are not, then there could be serious injury to the climber.

I rock climb outside in the warmer months and in a gym when I can in the colder months. I love it, it helps me stay strong and lean (which is not two words I would use to describe myself this winter) and it is just fun. My husband is the one who got me into rock climbing when we were dating and it has stuck ever since.

If I am climbing in a gym or with other friends who bring their own crashpads, I will use whatever they bring but the ones that we prefer to use is from a company called Organic. They are a local company here in Central PA. (Side Note: It is great to support local companies when you can instead of just always going with a brand name big company.) We have become friends with the owner and we honestly just love the quality of their crashpads. If you have not heard of them or just want to take a look at their awesome colors on their custom made crash pads, check them out here.


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