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Our Move Out!


Ok, so I have kind of big news! At the end of this month we will be moving out of this little one bedroom apartment and be moving into our own home! We are buying a home. It is not huge or anything but it will be ours and we will not have an upstairs neighbor or be sharing walls with anyone! Not going to lie, I’m kind of excited! Tomorrow is our inspection so please be praying that everything checks out okay. It is such a huge deal! So excited! But moving means packing and weeding out, which I know I just did a couple of months ago but it must be done, you know?

I started going through the pictures on my camera just because I had not gone through them in a while. I then realized I did not post about our move out to the west. I figured even though it is a little late, with the new move coming it was appropriate to finally put some pictures up from our move out west!











First state to cross into was WV! Yay! Must say, it is such a beautiful state!











Columbus! We are getting further out west! What?!


Ohio! Gradually crossing the states!



This is how Faelyn spent the trip. Either sitting tall, looking around or completely spread out in the back seat fast asleep. He was such a trooper for such a long drive! Love him!


I kind of fell asleep when we were in Indiana so I forgot to take a picture of the sign, but here is Illinois. I know, it is hard to see but I got it! Haha!



Thought this was great! Haha! I totally want to follow the truck into a construction zone! I wonder if someone has actually done that?!









Missouri! Gettin there!











I think the arch is just really pretty!


We made a stop at a Chick-Fil-A which we were more than excited for because Altoona does not have Chick-Fil-A. It made our day!


We then hit Kansas. Not my favorite state. Actually, maybe my least favorite state.


Although, we saw these things that flashed over each lane when you were going too fast! So awesome!










But Kansas, is tooooooo flat… It is seriously 8 hours at least of nothing to drive across before you even hit Colorado!

I must have been asleep or couldn’t find my camera or something for the Colorado sign. Oh well! We are here and we are loving it. 2013 is bringing in another move but hopefully the last one for a while!





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Help us Move!

I do not know if people who follow my blog get updated when I post a new page or not? Anyway, I made a new page on my blog called Help Us Move! Money is just a bit tight to move across the country and we could really use your help in getting us there. I love to knit and love sharing with others what I knit. (Even if people don’t always feel the same way 😛  ). But I thought I would put my love for knitting to good use and would like to share these things with you in your home and in your life. 

I am selling hats,bags and washcloths. You can check out my page for more information. 


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