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March 7 & 8: Silhouette and Something Close Up

Ok, so I missed yesterday. It was super hard to come up with something so instead I will use my brother-in-law’s  picture that is as silhouette as I could find. Lol!



And then something close up….



This is something from a hike earlier last year. I love close up flower pictures 🙂

See ya tomorrow!

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March 6: From a Low Angle

I figured since I had already showed you pictures of my little man, I had to show you a picture of my big boy, Halo. He is a 9 year old husky that we have been fostering for a friend but we have a feeling he might have just found a home with us. He is wonderful! He and Faelyn get along so well its great! IMG_8677

What a cutie right?

See ya!

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March 5: Whatever You Want

So, today Faelyn provided a perfect opportunity to post a picture of whatever I want. His bed is the futon in our living room. He loves that futon and gets upset when you are on it lol. That’s ok though because we are not on it very often. The couch is way more comfy anyway. I love my dog. He is essentially my child and so I post a lot of pictures of him lol. I just couldn’t help it today, his face is so cute!



I mean, honestly, how can you not love that face?!?! So adorable!

Last night is snowed, today it is around 55 degrees and tomorrow is 70. What is up with Denver weather?! This is so strange. lol.

See ya!

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March 4: From a High Angle

Sorry, this post is a little rushed and not super creative but I absolutely love my dogs, especially my little man. He sleeps in some of the funniest positions lol.



This is one of his least weird positions but he takes up about the whole couch when he does! lol

See ya tomorrow!

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March 3: Your Favorite Place To Be

I am loving these posts! It is so much fun to show you little tidbits into my life! You get to see more about me and what I love! I loved taking this picture! It happened to be a day when TJ and I had off and we went on a mountain biking ride with some friends! It was wonderful! So, before I go take a shower to wash the mud and sweat from that ride lol, here is my favorite place to be:



Right next to my husband outside is my favorite place to be!

See ya!


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March 2: What I Wore Today

Today was a bit busy so the post is earlier than last night but still rather late. Lol!

On a side note, I used my sewing machine all day! I made two headbands, one of which you will see in the picture below! And a foot/ lower back warmer (aka a pouch full of rice that you put in the microwave.) I had so much fun! Still learning about my sewing machine and how different things work on it, but progress is being made!

Here is what I wore today:



That is a headband I made today! Yay!

For dinner I made a Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Pasta dish. Oh man, super delicious!

IMG_8740 IMG_8742


You can check out the recipe here! So yummy!

Are you following along with the March photo Challenge?!

See ya!

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December 5: Today’s Temperature

I am so glad that today’s topic is the temperature! Winter has seriously hit Denver and this post could not have come at a better time! We have had frigid temperatures the last couple of days with today being the coldest! Here is the temperature as it stands right now:

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 8.15.31 PM


Yup, that’s right. It is 0 degrees outside. It got up to about 9 today, not even hitting the double digits! When I woke up at 5:30 this morning, it was -7. Oh buddy, that was cold! Its crazy that it went from 60 on Monday to 9 today.  What is that?! Gotta love the crazy Denver weather!

Hope its warmer in your neck of the woods!



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December 4: Joyous

So, I was wracking my brain on the way home from work today, trying to figure out what in the world to take a picture to demonstrate joyous. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am super excited about all the snow we are getting. And that is something to be joyous about. The season itself is something to be joyous about. It is a celebration of the birth of Christ! But I really was just drawing a blank on how to photograph joyous.

I then got home and we are dog sitting another husky right now, so that means two huskies in the house. They needed to go potty right away. They did their business right away and then started going crazy in the snow. Huskies love snow, I have come to find out. Like really love snow! As I am watching them bolting around the yard, I realize what demonstrates joyous better than two huskies and their love for snow?!?!! So, I ran inside and grabbed my camera. I think I got a few decent shots!



You can just see the half crazed looks in their eyes. LOL!



Snow makes huskies super playful! 🙂
After got a little worn down, they stopped long enough for me to grab a couple of glamour shots. 😛



I love my beautiful boy! His eyes get me every time!



Halo got in the way a little bit on this one, but I just love it anyway.



Halo is awesome! He has one blue eye and one brown eye and apparently loves to eat snow! Lol!

See ya!


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December 3rd, in my photo challenge brings the color red! I have to say, one of my favorite colors to wear is red. I absolutely love it. TJ can tell you, I wear my red sweater pretty frequently. lol. I wore it today, hoping to get a picture but that did not end up happening. Oh well, at least last night I thought ahead to take a picture of the massive amount of red that was all over my living room floor. The suspense is killing you, I know it is!

Our friend Alexi had a huge box of vinyl that he wasn’t using. We happened to be looking for some vinyl for various projects so this was the perfect opportunity for both of us! We did not know what colors were all there and so we unrolled it all and found tons of colors. Mostly white, but a ton of red too! Like a ton of red. TJ was super giddy to play with some vinyl.



As you can see, lots and lots of red vinyl! Should be fun!

Hope you’re enjoying this holiday season!

P.S. We are about to get a pretty good amount of snow! Pictures hopefully tomorrow!

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It is the month of December!!!! This means Christmas is so close! I am so excited! This is my favorite month of the year! The Christmas season is always my favorite. The lights, the food, the snow, the reason for the season! I love all of it. 🙂

There is one downside, I work retail and honestly the Christmas season is definitely a madhouse. It makes the season go by way too quickly. Well, this December I have decided to embrace the holidays fully! I have found this challenge on pinterest sometime either this year or last year, I can’t remember but I think it will help me take a step back each day and enjoy the little things each day!


December Photo a day Challenge copy[9]


Feel free to join along! I realize I am on day two but that just means I have to share the first two with you now!

So, here is my view today:



We are watching a friend’s husky for a while. His name is Halo. He is 9 years old and completely a sweet heart. Faelyn and Halo get along great! TJ also got a whitewater kayak yesterday and has been so excited about it that it hasn’t left the house to be stored in the garage yet. Lol.



This is my favorite holiday as well as probably my all time favorite movie. I am such a sap, I’m aware lol. So, when I saw that I needed to take a picture of it, I decided it needed to be watched too. Lol. So TJ sat through it with me this morning. Definitely helps get me in the holiday spirit!

Keep checking back to see more of me getting into the holiday spirit!

Hope you guys are ready for Christmas!

See ya!

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