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Inspiration Lately

There are things that just perk up my imagination or my dreaming. They come in such wide varieties but they all make me dream a little bit in some way.
Here is what I have been framing about lately:

And just go to this link, you won’t be sorry!


What has you inspired lately?

See ya!

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Pretty Things

Lately, I have been a little frustrated with my work wardrobe. I do a lot of warehouse work and if I wear anything nice it gets gross and after a while ruined. I’m lugging cardboard boxes around and such and they are not clean after coming off of the truck. I always feel so gross when I am done with work. 

I have a tom-boy side. I love to get dirty outside. I love to play in the dirt and mud. I love mountain biking and skiing. But… I also love to look pretty. I love some girly clothes. I love flowy dresses and shirt. I love shorts or skirts. So, with my work wardrobe being gross and kind of bland at this point, I have been eyeing some really pretty things on pinterest lately. 

Maybe I can find a job where I can look this cute all the time!

Do you find yourself daydreaming about pretty things sometimes? Or is it just me?

See ya!

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Book Review: The $100 Startup

Just finished reading The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. I really need to stop reading all of these start up books. They say alot of the same stuffs. If I am really going to start something, I should just do it and stop reading and procrastinating. Right? Right. Anyway, Chris is super engaging and it was a great read!

Likes: It was a quick read. (When I found time to actually read it.) It was a very engaging read. He had some great tips and advice. He shared stories from real people. Real failures and successes. It was encouraging without being too peppy or anything. Haha. It was very practical. Loved it.

Dislikes: It was a lot of what I had read before. If you are just now going into reading about starting your own business, then start with this one. If not, he says a lot of the same things I have been reading already.

Overall, it was a really great read. He was super practical and super knowledgeable. Start at this book before you read others. There you go!

Sorry, I’m feeling short and to the point right now. My mind is in a billion different places.
July of 2013 is coming to an end. That means this challenge is coming to an end and I have failed miserably. Life just sometimes gets the best of you. I will hopefully have one more book to add before the end of the challenge but obviously not finishing the whole thing. I will read all of the books and keep you updated on when this challenge is actually complete. I still have yet to even finish the list. How terrible am I at keep this challenge?!

I have some short challenges on my to do list on pinterest and so I think I will try a few short ones and then maybe try a 52 weeks challenge again. If I can’t finish something the first time, I tend to be restless until I actually do finish it so it will happen at some point.  But anyway, I got a new camera and so it is only fitting that for the month of August, I am going to do a picture challenge that I found on pinterest. Stay tuned for more challenge awesomeness!

See ya!


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O- Oatmeal!

Yesterday, I came home from work with a major migraine. So, I apologize for not posting my O post. But, in a way I am glad that I postponed until today because I am eating the most delicious oatmeal for breakfast! I love love love strawberries. They are one of my favorite fruit. I have also gotten into eating more yogurt lately. I found this yogurt called Noosa that is just delicious and good for you. I found this recipe here on pinterest. Oh man, once I saw that I was sold! That was definitely what I was in the mood for this morning!

So, I took my oatmeal…


I made plain oatmeal, because you definitely do not want any other flavor for this recipe.

I then added 1/4 cup of yogurt, a tablespoon of honey, and a couple of strawberries all cut up. This is how delicious it turned out!



It is a great way to get nutrients. You have yogurt and oatmeal which is great for your digestive system and strawberries which are just delicious and honey. Yum!

You should definitely give it a shot!

See ya!


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L- Love Me Some Ice Cream!

As I may have mentioned, I love ice cream! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The only time I ever refuse ice cream is if I am feeling particularly queasy. But, I love ice cream! I like most flavors! I love adding things, including edible bowls that I can eat them out of. So, when I saw this post on pinterest, I knew I had to try it!

Sugar cookie cups! It was originally used for fruit cups but I figured ice cream would taste just as good. And it did. 🙂

So I took the log of cookie dough partially out of the package and sliced it in circles. I then placed them on an upside down cupcake pan. I only made four because there is only TJ and I. CAM00281

I did not push them down around the edge or anything. Just set it on top.



I put it in the oven at 350 degrees. I just kind of kept an eye on them, I did not keep track of the time. My bad.


I just waited until they were getting golden. They smelled delicious!

CAM00285 CAM00286

Perfect for one scoop of ice cream! So yummy and so much fun!

Give it a shot!

See ya!


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K – Killer Meatballs!

I found this delicious recipe on Pinterest! I love spaghetti and meatballs. My mom can tell you, when I was little I would order spaghetti and meatballs and in trying to cut my meatball end up getting it on the table or floor. Thankfully, I have since then been able to keep my meatballs on my plate at least until the go into my tummy! I was looking to make a menu the other day, and decided meatballs was a good idea! And what better way to make meatballs than stuffed with mozzarella!

You can find the original recipe here.

I put all the ingredients together and made sure it was well mixed.


Time to stuff and roll! I put the mozzarella balls in the center and rolled them into balls.
I then placed them on cookie sheets.



We then bake them at 350 degrees for about 30-35 minutes.
They turned out like this…


Oozing mozzarella!! You can’t tell me those do not look delicious!



And I must say, they were amazing!!!! Supremely amazing!! You can’t even begin to understand how delicious those meatballs are. There are some left over that we are going to put into meatball subs. I must say, you have to give these a shot. You will not regret making them.

See ya!


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Make-Up Fun!

Ok, so I have not done a make-up post in a while. I find eye shadow combos that I love all the time on pinterest and it is fun giving them a shot sometimes. I usually go for a minimalist look. A little liner, some blush, foundation, and lip balm. This one is still pretty neutral but it added a little bit to the eyes.

Here is the link for the original eye make-up combo:

Like I said fairly neutral, just a little bit to give the eyes a little pop.

I ended up going just a little lighter than what she posted. It just happened that way, lol.


Not the greatest picture, but you get the point. Light with a little brown on the edges and lined with black. I threw in some purple mascara but you can’t really tell especially in the picture.
What do you think?
Update on the house:
Everything is almost set to move in next week. Hopefully no more hiccups. One week from today we close! What?!

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