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Gifts for Him

I am always just generally keeping an eye on things I would like to buy my husband. Gift giving is a huge love language for me! I can’t help it! Haha!

So, that being said check out these awesome things I would like to buy my hubby some day!

These watch from Tree Hut Design is so awesome! You can check them out here!

I absolutely love this ring from MaraJoyce! Beautiful handiwork, you should check it out here!

I absolutely love this beard comb from miniFab! Tj would love this! Check out their work here!

Someday, I hope I can get him these things! An anniversary is not too far off 😉

See ya!

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The Story of My Life

Oh man guys, has it been a long couple of weeks and it is about to get longer. Between family coming to visit, getting back to life, figuring out work stuff, skiing (yes, there was a little pleasure in the long weeks teehee), and now taking over for my other boss because she just welcomed a little one into her little family! Yay!! Life is crazy? Right? Or is it just me?

There has also been much figuring out within my marriage too. I have come to realize that marriage is a constant growing of both sides. One side can’t grow in the relationship and the other stay stagnant. People change and that in turn changes how they interact with everyone, especially the people they are closest. Sometimes the growing is in a good way! I am totally one of those people that believe that no matter what, whether you grow for good or change for not so good, I stay in a relationship. I am not getting all preachy here, just this is me. I only want to stay with one man for my lifetime. I don’t ever see divorce as an option. There are dire circumstances that it would only ever be a possibility but I don’t ever see that happening! I am head over heels for this man! Even on days when I am not, I choose to love. It may not uber romantic but it is me saying ‘I am here and here to stay.’

So that was my little relationship soapbox for the day. Haha! Wow, didn’t see that one coming out…

Right now, I am also in the midst of training for a half marathon! It is my first and I am only up to being able to run 5 miles at this point! But honestly, this is huge for me! Last year, I wasn’t even really able to run a mile! This is huge! I am so determined and it feels so good! I will keep you updated as my training continues!

Guys, the last couple days have been exhausting. I think I am gonna hit the hay!

See you tomorrow!

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November 13 (belated): Reasons to Marry Young

This might open a can of worms but oh well. I got married young. I got married a week and a half before my 21st birthday. In an age when most people are waiting to get married, I knew that wasn’t what I was looking for. I didn’t know that before I turned 21 was going to be when I got married but I definitely knew I did not want to wait until my late 20s. Getting married later is definitely prudent for some people. Some people just are not ready for marriage that early. I’m an older soul, I knew I was ready for it. I am extremely happy I did too! I would not have it any other way. We have been married for 3 years and it has been the best 3 years of my life! He has made me so happy and we have helped each other grow so much! I love it!

~ More time together before you feel the need for kids. TJ and I are 24, we both have plenty of time to have kids. Having been married 3 years already without kids has been wonderful! We have gotten some solid just us time. We have taken trips that we could not afford with kids. We have made a move across the country that would have been way more difficult and maybe less likely if we had kids. I am just also coveting this time where it is just us. I don’t want to share him with anyone else for a bit longer. Its really nice.

~ Someone by your side at all times. Some people love to be independent and go off and do their own thing. Totally cool. I get that. I also love to be independent and do my own thing. But I also desperately want someone to share that with. I don’t want to have all these great experiences by myself. I want to share life with someone. I want my best friend by my side all the time. I have that and I love it so much!

~ Dual income. I am not gonna lie to you. I went straight from my parents house to college to marriage. I did not do the whole apartment by myself or with roommates thing. I don’t think I would have had the patience. I like my space. I like my house a certain way most of the time. Plus having to afford it, I would have struggled. Both of us working full time means having some fun spare money instead of living paycheck to paycheck. It is quite lovely. I know this is not true for everyone. We are both very conscious about our money and that doesn’t apply to everyone but having the dual income is way less stressful I think than just the one.

~ Someone to grow up with. This can be a good and a bad thing. For us, it turned out to be a good thing. We were both young and still had/have some growing up to do. But navigating these waters together has only brought us closer. I would not be as strong of a woman today if TJ had not been by my side this whole time. I would not be able to handle the different situations that life has thrown at me if TJ was not there. We still do stupid things that hurt each other but we are growing through those situations.

~ Not as much heartache. Now some people who get married young don’t stay married. I don’t believe that will be TJ and I. We are both dedicated for the long haul. But TJ and I were each others first for everything. Boyfriend, girlfriend, kiss, intimacy. We both were interested in other people and had some more casual relationships or semi-relationships with people but nothing serious until each other. We didn’t have to wade through heartache after heartache to find each other. I am so grateful and feel so blessed for that! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Time to go hang with my man now that I’ve gotten all mushy!

See ya!

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Less Than One Week

Oh man, I can’t believe it is less than a week until I go to Hawaii! I was definitely planning on posting more this month and time just flew by so quickly. I know I say I am going to post more every month but I really had some great blog posts that I wanted to share! That just means I will have to post some of them this week or after I get back! 

We have been super busy here in the Ridges and Ripples household. TJ and I have both been working non-stop it feels like. We are continuing to work non-stop until we leave for Hawaii. Needless to say, our dogs are not happy about that. It is so hard when you are working constantly and it is blazing hot outside to get your huskies out for a walk or a run or a hike. They get overheated so easily. Hopefully, after Hawaii things will settle down a little bit and I can get them out a little more easily. 

I am so looking forward to this getaway! It means almost two weeks of not having to hear from or think about work. It means almost two weeks of time with TJ, whereas right now I’m lucky if I get a couple hours in the evening before bed. I have to say, having a zip-line guide for a husband can really put a strain in a relationship. The schedule is insane and the amount of exertion he puts his body through everyday means he is exhausted when he comes home. It can be tough. This summer has definitely made our marriage insanely strong. It has tested both of us in ways we never would’ve imagined. It has made me a stronger wife. It has also made me realize that if he does this again next year, I need a different job that allows me to be home more and have a more flexible schedule so that I can spend more time with him. 

Hawaii is going to be great! I am going to relax and refresh. I am definitely going to come back with lots of pictures and stories to share! I may just stay and live there. Who knows? Lol!

Now off to finish out the week before I can play!

See ya!


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April = Not My Best

Alright, so April has not been my best blogging month. I am realizing it is going to be harder to blog when the weather is so stinking nice outside! I just want to spend as much time as possible enjoying the nice weather! I am making up for lost time over the winter months when I just wanted to stay inside. Lol! But back to the point, songs!

April 17: A Song That Annoys You

Wanted by Hunter Hayes

I don’t what it is about this song, but it just drives me crazy!

April 18: A song that you have as your ringtone/want as your ringtone

Fix You by Coldplay

I absolutely love this song! I could listen to it all the time!

April 19: A Song You Are Currently Obsessed With

Night Train by Jason Aldean


April 20: A Song From a New Album You Are Waiting for to Come Out

The Heart by Needtobreathe

Alright, so this album just came out but it was really the only album I was waiting for lol. Check out the album! You know you want to!

April 21: A Song You Want to Dance to At Your Wedding

Alright, so I am already married. So, I was debating putting up the song I did dance to but honestly, I don’t remember the song and it really had no meaning to either of us. (Obviously, if I can’t remember it lol.) So, I am going to post what I wish I had chosen lol.

Ho Hey by the Lumineers


Anywhere With You by Jake Owen

I love both of those! They mean more to me than whatever I actually did dance to at my wedding lol.

Anyway, I’m off!

See ya!

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