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November 5: My Favorite Shoes

I have 3 pairs of shoes that I wear consistently throughout the year. I wear a couple other pairs of shoes besides these but these ones are always a staple in my year round wardrobe. They are comfy, cute, and functional.

1~ Birkenstocks

This is my summer pair! Love them so much!

And my winter pair! Love these ones even more than my summer ones!

2~ Chacos

Not my pair, but I couldn’t’ find a picture of the ones I own so here are these! They are super awesome! I did a backpacking trip in mine, and I still love them. Although, I don’t recommend doing that trip in those next time but we are still close friends lol.

3~ Sanuks

These are honestly my lazy shoes. Kind of like slippers but acceptable to wear out of the house. I love wearing these. So comfy and these ones are just so cute!

Do you have a pair or three of shoes that you wear all the time?

See ya!

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Doctors Appointments, Moving, Hours Increase, etc…

I am a person who worries a lot and do not enjoy thinking about certain things. Its that time of year again where everything kind of cumulates and all piles into one big worry session. Not only is the holidays fast approaching, but our lease in this apartment is up in January and we honestly do not want to live on this side of town anymore, so that means moving. Its also that time of the year where my prescription is starting to run out and I need to have a doctor’s appointment in order to get it refilled. Let me just say, I am not a fan of finding a new doctor in a new area. It is a stressful situation. Then I’m worrying about getting loans paid down and my loans kick in in January as well and so that means I need more hours in order to make the money that I need in order to pay them off.

So, as much as I love the holiday season, I’m ready for some of these worries to be off of my plate. It is during these times that it is hardest to remember to just sit back and let God handle them. So, that is my goal today. Sit back, drink my coffee, and take some of these worries out of the way so that I can focus on other things that are more important.

On a side note, I painted my toes in kind of candy stripes. I really am not very good at doing these designs on my toes. Who would’ve guessed?! I will definitely post pictures later.

A couple days ago , as I mentioned in my previous post, was the two year anniversary of when TJ asked me to be his wife. We were not able to celebrate that night but we both had the day off yesterday and so it provided the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate. We spent most of the day just hanging out around the house. We watched some movies. We did take an adventure to Wal-Mart in search of a game or puzzle but we were not thrilled by their selection so we ended up just leaving with Mint MnMs. Can’t go wrong with that! After spending the afternoon at home, we went out for dinner to Johnny Rockets. TJ said he was more than willing to go somewhere fancier but I was craving a cheesesteak and it isn’t the place that you go that makes the date, its the person that you are with. Being at Johnny Rockets allowed for us to be our usual goofy selves without drawing too much attention lol. We then walked around the mall. I have come to realize it is about time for a new pair of Vans. My favorite ones may or may not be a little bit ratty. So far no hole in the bottom of the shoe so I think we are still ok. We then came home to watch Prometheus and Dark Shadows. Both really good movies, although Prometheus was darker than I was expecting so I walked away from it feeling a little down. Note: Do not watch it with younger kids. Some gore and just darkness.

Today, is yet another day of reading. Anna Karenina the movie comes out Next Friday and so I need to finish the book before it leaves the theatres. I still have like 900 pages in the book but I would rather read it and watch it not on opening night than not know anything going into the movie. Les Mis comes out on Christmas and that is another book I need to read before I see the movie. Oh goodness, I have a reading problem.  What books are you reading?

See ya!

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Packing, Packing, and More Packing

This past week or so has been so super busy. I have just been packing anything and everything into boxes. I have been cleaning. (You should see my bathroom, it has never looked this clean.) I just keep scrubbing and packing. I took down all of our posters off the walls yesterday, and I am telling you, our apartment is looking super sparse. It hardly feels like our apartment now. Just wow. I have almost everything packed except for the stuff that we use everyday.

Today, I was on the lookout for a cosmetic bag. I have been dragging all of my shampoo, conditioner, and other everyday necessities in ziploc bags. Needless to say, not very classy. Not very womanly at all. So, i was on the hunt for something to carry my items around. I did not want something too boring pattern-wise and also not something too small. I finally came across this one that is perfect for exactly what I am in need of.
Definitely looks more adult like, without going overboard. Something simple and cheap and exactly perfect for my uses. Yay!

However, on the search around town for a cosmetic bag, I found these awesome fake birkenstocks. I love the look of these shoes and I love how comfortable they are. However, on a newly married budget, birkenstocks can be a little pricey. But when you find a fake pair that are just as comfortable for less than $15 at Ross, I say DIBS! I snagged them up and have not taken them off since I bought them. So comfy!
 Yay shoes!

I also finished up knitting my coffee cozy! I just have to get some awesome (organic) wooden buttons, and maybe we will put up a post on Etsy? First store posting? I just might do that. Do you like coffee cozys so that your hands don’t get burnt by how hot the coffee is?
Finished knit project, not so great picture, but better ones will come later. Must find buttons! Any suggestions?

Well, I am off to more cleaning and packing.
Look how many boxes and how empty my apartment is getting!
So many boxes, and so much cleaning!!! And yet so much more to do! Wow!

I’m off to keep working!
See ya!

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