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Totally Awesome Tuesday: Undies

Ok, I know this one is a little out there but bear with me. This article of clothing is very essential in our everyday lives if we think about it. Most of us cannot go a day without using this piece of clothing. There are some very strange people who decide that they would rather go commando, or if you are a poor college student and do not have any money to do laundry, necessity forces one to go commando. That is the time to find a friend who has their own washer/dryer that will let you do laundry there. Anyway, as I was saying undies are definitely necessary. 

Now when it comes to undies, we each have our own preferences as to style. Some more comfortable than others but that is left up to each person’s individual preference. I think that no matter your style preference, why not have fun with your undies? I like to think of it as your little secret. Only you, and your spouse if you have one, will see your undies, so why not enjoy the colors or patterns that are on them? Colorful, fun undies are definitely one of my favorite items. I know, probably too much info. But I figure since they are such a necessity everyday, why not enjoy what you wear and not just stick with bland white? You don’t have to get expensive undies from high end retailers, you can go to Walmart or Target, they have just as cute of underwear. 

Well, there you have it. My view on a necessity of everyday life that you can have fun with!

See ya!

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S is for Style, My Style to be Exact

Today I thought I would show some of the items that typically show up in my everyday wardrobe. I am super easy going but with a little bit of quirkiness and that definitely comes out in what I wear.

This tends to be my normal everyday wear. A V-neck, a hoodie, hair pulled back into a messy bun, and little to no make-up unless I am going out somewhere.

Always paired with some kind of jeans, today it is my ripped ones, and some sandals.

I also love love love scarves! Those are layers of scarves, there is more there than meets the eye.

I also love converse! I have been wearing them since I was 13. Obviously not this pair, but I have been wear converse shoes for almost 9 years now.

And, I love my red lipstick! If it went with everything I wore everyday, I would probably wear it everyday, but alas, it does not on some days.

Well there is a glimpse into the makings of my style. It is kind of mismatched but I like it. I also love dresses, anything that flows really nicely, and tank tops. Some days I love dressing up, other days I do not want to get our of my pajamas. Just ask TJ, he can tell you how he doesn’t know what to expect me to wear form day to day.

Yesterday, I forgot to put up a picture of my bag being put to good use with my rock climbing stuff in it so here it is:

I am also following another blog on here called whendidibecomeaknitter. You can check out her blog here. She is making this blanket called the Epic Blanket of Insanity. I found the pattern she is working form and decided to start my own. I am having so much fun learning this new way of making a blanket. Here is the beginnings of my insanity.

It is little squares or diamonds or however you want to look at it and you piece them together to make this rather large blanket. You can check out the pattern here. 

Hope you enjoyed my style and what is going on in my project land right now!

See ya!


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