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Weekend Update: Graduated!!!!!!

So, over the past week I had been so busy with the last bit of my Homework and getting the house clean and making sure everything was ready to go down to Virginia to graduate this weekend. Then on Thursday we left to go down, made a couple stops on the way. We stopped by my family’s house to drop off our lizard because we have come to realize we are not lizard people and really did not want to cart that lizard across the country when we move in about a month and a half. Then we stopped in Harrisonburg to see TJ’s best man Ben. It was so great to see him. We love hanging out with Ben. Then we made our way to Lynchburg where our first outing was dinner with my best friend Jess and her man. It was a great dinner! One of our favorite restaurants. Afterwards, we drove through campus and saw how different it looked even from just a year ago! And hung out downtown, our old stomping grounds. Overall, it was a great night! We ended up spending the night with some friends. They were great to see as well!

Friday began all of the commencement activities. We had Chic-Fil-A for breakfast which we have decided is going to be our graduation tradition. Went to the Youth Min office to get my certificate and our coupons for free Fro-Yo! After that, we went and got our free Fro-Yo and hung out with our Youth profs! They are seriously the best Profs at LU. I couldn’t have asked for better major for my college career at LU. It was then time to meet up with my family and check-in to get our reader cards for the actual graduation ceremony the next day. After checking in, we then drove to the hotel with my family to check-in there and for me to get a shower. We then went to my favorite restaurant in Downtown Lynchburg called Waterstone. It has the best food ever! It is a family favorite whenever we come to Lynchburg. After a deliciously filling meal and dessert, we headed back to campus for Baccalaureate. Luis Palau was the speaker and He did a wonderful job challenging and encouraging the students as they go out into their respective fields.

Saturday morning we had to be at the stadium bright and early, at 6:30 (although we didn’t get there until about 7:15, no biggie) in order to go through metal detectors thanks to Mitt Romney being our commencement speaker. We then stood around for forever and then made our way into the stadium. Not going to lie, walking in the Grand Processional with the wind ensemble playing and everything is kind of awesome. The whole stadium is packed with people and you come to realize that the four years you just spent working your butt off for this degree is done and you did it! It was awesome! Mitt Romney gave a really good commencement address. I may not agree with him on everything but his challenge and encouragement to the students was great! They also gave an honorary doctorate to the founder of Chic-Fil-A. That was awesome! I am an addict so I was super excited! A student that started his degree in the 1980’s but then got in a horrible car accident that made it to where he could only take so many credits each semester, finally graduated on Saturday! I had gotten to know him and he had become kind of icon around campus. So, it was super exciting to see his almost 20 years of hard work finally pay off! After the big commencement ceremony, we then went into the Thomas Road Baptist Church auditorium where the religion majors where going to get their degrees. I ended up being the first Youth Major to walk across the stage on Saturday. That was awesome! The best part of the day however, was my Dad and I got to walk across the stage at the exact same time and shook Elmer Towns hand at the exact same time! We graduated together and to me that was a huge deal! I had kept the waterworks in but when I hugged my Youth Profs and thanked them, I started crying a little bit lol. It was such a wonderful day.

We then made our way to my parents house. Just relaxed that night since we had had a long day. Sunday, we got up and went to church. Mom had Mother’s Day off so we were able to just spend the day with her and my Grandma from California, and my Grandparents who live not far from my family. It was again just another relaxing day. It was nice to just get away from life for a bit and realize that my Undergrad career is completely done. Now on to get my Masters! Whoo!

Back to the grind today but here are some pictures from my weekend:

Me with Professor Gooz!

Me with Doc Brown!

Me and Dr. V!

Love all these guys! It has been the best four years despite the long nights trying to make sure all those projects were good. Lol.

I know the picture is a little blurry but this had to have been my favorite moment of the day when my Dad and I graduated and shook Elmer Towns hand together. 🙂

There we go!

See ya!


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Weekend Update: No Place Like Home

On Friday and Saturday, TJ and I went down to my parents house to spend a couple days with them and for Rhett’s Eagle Ceremony (as shared earlier). It was great! I love the house that they have moved into now. I love the acres that they have. I love seeing all the chicks and chickens and horses. I am a very family oriented person and so spending time with my family is key. I cry on a pretty regular basis because I miss them. (I’m sure it will get worse when I move halfway across the country this summer.) But to me it is just such a great time being home with my family and just enjoying each other.

So, we got there right before lunch time on Friday. Enjoyed lunch with my family minus my sisters who were at my Grandma’s. Then we just hung around until it was time to go to Rhett’s Eagle Ceremony. As mentioned in a previous post, that was a great ceremony! We had fun, shared some laughs, memories, and some even cried. I was able to see friends I had not seen since our wedding last summer. We were all so proud of Rhett.

Saturday, we slept in as much as Faelyn would let us. When other people are awake in the house, he must be where all the people are so he was pacing in our room and huffing and sniffing at the door. He desperately wanted to go see everyone. We did some things around the house in preparation for guests that afternoon, had lunch, and TJ, Rhett, and I went to the outlets nearby where I got a new pair of Converse. I love those shoes. We got back just in time for our guests to arrive. We had a great evening of food, fun, laughter, stories about Liberty, and s’mores. We had a lot of fun. After the guests left, it was time for TJ and I to go home too. 

Sunday brought us back to church and our routine of coming home to eat and then go to work. It was back to reality for TJ and I. My daydreams are still fighting to stay in Virginia where it is quieter and there are less responsibilities for TJ and I. Oh well.

Hope everyone had a great weekend like I did!

See ya!

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