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A Day of Catching Up

I always love Sundays. Lately, TJ has had to work all day on Sundays and so it has become my day to catch up on life from the previous week or weeks. Lol. I will admit, not nearly as easy as it sounds. I realize that I let alot of things go when I get busy throughout the week. I don’t make dinners as much. I don’t do as much laundry or the dishes. I don’t read as much. I don’t knit as much. I don’t work on projects that I have been wanting to do for awhile. It just gets pushed to the side. So, Sunday has become the day I get to focus on the things that I want or need to focus on. Not necessarily errands or anything. Those I can do on my way home from work each day. No, this is stuff that I don’t usually have time to think about during the week. It helps me start my week off on the right track.

It is a day of productivity. A day of rejuvenation. A day where I feel like me the most. I day when I can take things at my pace and get things done the way I want to get things done. I love it. I woke up with a sense of purpose this morning and it was awesome.

I feel like I’m rambling. But today, I got up and did some reading. I borrowed a whole bunch of books from my brother so I am desperately trying to read them. Lol. Then I took Faelyn and we went for a walk/jog this morning. It was a beautiful day, so I had to get outside. I did not run as much as I wanted because I slammed my right knee into a handhold yesterday while climbing in the gym. But I was able to get it moving again and that was good.

I have come to realize I am a little heavier than I would like to be. I also tried on some dresses last night and wasn’t thrilled with my current state as shown in the mirror. So, hence the reason for going out today. I also downloaded the MyFitnessPal App to work in conjunction with the RunKeeper App. That way I know my calorie intake as well as how much I am running. I will most likely really start focusing on that tomorrow. But I am determined to get back in shape. I have been looking at healthier options for food too. I have a really bad sweet tooth as well I just love food! So, I want to find a way to be healthy about it. So here goes my journey!

TJ and I have the day off together again tomorrow. I think we might go hike around the Flat Irons near Boulder and spend the day up there. Should be fun! Gotta keep both of us active! I miss date days with my man, so that should be great tomorrow!

I also really need to work on my halloween costume for work! I can’t believe it is only a couple days away.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

See ya!

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C- Carbonated Beverages

With summer coming I am realizing that swimsuit season is coming up and I’m not a fan of what I am seeing in the mirror. One of my weaknesses is soda. (Carbonated beverages happened to fit better lol) I love the tastes and the carbonation of soda. They are so delicious! But… they also pack in a ton of weight when it really comes down to it. I don’t know the stats on it but I have heard so many people say that when they cut out soda they lost a good amount of weight. So, I am at least attempting to cut back on them. I am a person who can’t just go cold turkey but cutting back and finding other drinks to suit my taste buds and be better for me is definitely something I am aiming for.

I am going to do my best to cut back from having soda fairly frequently to only a time or two a week and start there. My body could definitely use the hiatus from soda lol.

All month you are going to see me post about better options for food and for drinks. I show you how I switched it up for a couple of days by infusing my water with some fruit. I want to live a healthier lifestyle and that includes what I eat, drink, and do with my time. I know I am taking a deeper look at what I am doing and not doing that could affect my body and mood, I hope with spring here, a time of refreshing, you will take a look too!

See ya!


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Eating: A.K.A. My Version of Dieting

As women we are always looking for some new way to lose weight. We want to find out the trick to staying thin and young looking. This is definitely not a bad thing. However, when we start depriving our bodies of certain things or pursuing a lifestyle that is drastically different than our own that is when it starts to get our of hand and starts backfiring. 
I have tried a variety of different exercise routines and cutting out certain foods but honestly I have just been miserable and hated whatever I was doing or not doing. It never stuck with me. I started looking around for something else to do, or something else to eat, or something else to exercise with. Nothing was really working because I would do it for a little bit and then I would just hate it so much that I would give up because I did not want to keep this up. I hate running, I love sweets, and I love soda among many other things but those are my top three reasons for my way of life. 
Now, don’t get me wrong, I think being healthy and strong is a good thing. It helps prevent health problems as you get older. It helps you with more energy and such. The key to being healthy and strong is that it has to integrate into your current lifestyle. A lifestyle change does not happen overnight. It happens little by little. I have tried to completely cut out sweets or soda over night but it was horrible. I couldn’t take it. I have learned that honestly, I just need to cut back not out. I think about what I am eating. I love good food. I love trying new recipes and restaurants. I love new desserts especially! (My pinterest is full of desserts to try!) I just look at when I am going to behave and be naughty and do my best to even it out. 
I also found something that would keep me active, that I enjoyed! I love rock climbing. I love the strategy and the problem solving and the relatively low impact that comes with rock climbing. It is seriously the best! 

So, I do not recommend dieting to anyone! I say, make the healthy changes in your life little by little. It will stick longer and you will enjoy the journey more!

Speaking or eating, I’m hungry….
See ya! 

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